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Art Lessons and Websites

The world of art includes a lot, from painting and drawing to acting and even singing and writing songs. You can learn a lot from making art, and it can be a lot of fun to create something new. You might even be able to make a nice gift for someone you care about! Look around online to find out more about art and some projects that you can do.

National Gallery of Art
Read about some of the most interesting art at the National Gallery of Art, which is in Washington, D.C. You can also make your own art online in a variety of styles.

Art Resource Collaborative for Kids
Learn about some places online where you can find creative projects to do.

Jump Start Art Resources
Jump Start has art activities for children in all grade levels. From drawing and craft activities to worksheets and lesson plans for teachers, this site is a great resource for students and teachers alike.

KinderArt offers a whole bunch of lesson plans and activity ideas for kids.

Art and Music
This page has links to games, articles, and videos for children to learn more about art and art history.

Incredible Art
Play fun games about art and learn more about famous artists and their work with these activities.

Crayola Art Creation
Crayola has a whole bunch of art-centered lesson plans, activity pages, and news on art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
This site has information about the many art exhibits at this famous museum.

Art Teaching Ideas
These lesson plans for teachers include classroom materials and activities for students learning about 2-D and 3-D art.

Smithsonian American Art Museum Student Activities
The activities on this site can help add to what they learn by visiting art museums and taking art classes. There are also interactive activities and opportunities for students to submit their own artwork.

Artist's Toolkit
This is an interactive page that allows students to explore the tools artists use to create masterpieces.

SFMOMA Family Activities
San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art offers a resource for children and their families to explore the world of art together.

Kids Art Institute Chicago
Curious Corner is a place where you can hear stories, play matching games, and discover art forms like Cornell boxes, portraits, and mask-making.

Art Projects for Kids
This page has art project ideas, drawing lessons, and sewing patterns. Galleries of work are also included for children to explore.

Captain Underpants Printable Pandemonium
Print out some coloring sheets featuring this loved children's book character, learn how to draw some of the characters, and teach yourself to make a paper airplane here.

How to Draw
On this site, you can learn to draw all sorts of fun things, from a kitten to Olaf from Frozen!

Activity Village
Find quick and easy crafts for kids of all ages and grade levels! Search for crafts by holiday, season, topic, or type.

Project for Kids: Clay Sea Sculptures
Make your own world under the sea by creating sea creatures out of clay.

This site is a culmination of works of art created by students from around the world. Children can make their own galleries and share their work with everyone.

Color With Leo
Play fun and educational art-themed games with Leo, the animated artist! Choose from an array of art projects to hone your artistic abilities.

Nick Jr. Art Games
Paint, draw, scribble and play on this interactive art website for children.

How to Draw Characters From Children's Books
The Guardian offers lessons from artists about how to draw some of the characters they've created.

NASA Coloring Book
Color in pictures about exploring outer space, either online or by printing them out and using markers or crayons.

Visual Art History
Uncover the history of art with educational videos.

PBS Berenstain Bears Art
Practice your art skills with the help of the Berenstain Bears! Finish the picture, complete a coloring page, or learn to draw a picture on your own with Papa, Mama, Brother, and Sister Bear.

Art Attack Painting Studio
Create your own paintings online with this fun game!

Art History for Kids
Learn about the history of art here, including different styles of art and famous artists.

Indoor Activities for Kids
Is it a rainy day? You don't have to go outside to have fun! Pick from a variety of art projects you can create.

Highlights Art Activities
Check out some fun activities from Highlights magazine that let you build works of art online.

Children's Art Center
This page has a variety of fun online games about art.

Paint, draw, and color with this educational art game for children in elementary school.

Getty Art Games
Explore famous works of art through this educational gaming platform.

Sesame Street Art
Create works of art and download free coloring pages from your friends on Sesame Street.


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