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Michigan Starting Smarter

Starting Smarter

You are the expert on your child. Over the course of a school year, you receive lots of information on how your child is performing in school that combine to give you a more complete picture of your child’s academic progress. In addition to report card grades and class tests, you can use test score reports to better understand your child’s strengths and areas in need of improvement to start a meaningful conversation with your child’s teacher about how to better suppport learning at home.

Your child’s test score report is a helpful tool you can use to better understand whether your child is on track with the skills needed in math and English lan-guage arts. You can use the report to partner with your child’s teacher to make a plan for this school year. You will find information in parent-friendly language that will help you:

•understand your child’s M-STEP score report

•locate resources to support learning at home and school

•prepare for an effective Parent Teacher Conference

•see and practice with online M-STEP practice questions and tools

•learn about the Read by Grade 3 law

•understand what academic standards students are expected to master

•learn about the accessibility tools and supports available to students during testing

Parents are Critical Partners in a Child’s SuccessThe Michigan Department of Education is committed to making sure parents have the information they need to best support learning. When you receive your child’s score report, be sure to visit