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Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Dual Enrollment at CAHS

Did you know that your student can take college classes while they are still in high school? Carman-Ainsworth High School offers a variety of programs that allow students to take courses with local colleges to earn college credit. This includes the C-A STEM Early College and DEEP program where UM-Flint instructors come to CAHS to teach college courses. If your student wants to take a college class that isn’t offered at the high school, and they can provide their own transportation, they may do traditional dual enrollment and take a course of their choosing at Mott or UM-Flint. Best of all, Carman-Ainsworth helps pay the college tuition! For more information, contact Katherine Hamadeh at 810-591-5503, or email

Dual Enrollment: What is it and what are your options?

Dual Enrollment is when a high school student takes college classes as part of their normal school day. The college classes count as BOTH high school and college credits. Even though they already have college credits, your student will still be eligible for freshmen scholarships after high school graduation.

There are many benefits to dual enrolling in college classes. Because the student is still in high school, Carman-Ainsworth will pay for a portion of the college tuition. The out of pocket cost to the family depends on which college/program the student chooses, but it is always a great savings compared to traditional college. In addition, college courses provide students with college experience, better preparing them for the rigor of college after high school. Students have the chance to graduate from high school with anywhere from 3-55 college credits, depending on the college/program they choose.

Carman-Ainsworth High School offers several Dual Enrollment options:

  • C-A STEM Early College
  • DEEP Program
  • Traditional Dual Enrollment

The C-A STEM Early College is a program designed for students interested in Medical Sciences, Engineering or other STEM careers and have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, with a good attendance and discipline record. This program is 3 years, which includes a 13th year of high school. Students apply during their sophomore year. During their junior and senior years, they take 3-4 high school classes and 2 college classes each semester at CAHS. The UM-Flint instructors teach right at the high school. During the 13th year, students will spend their day taking college classes of their choice on the UM-Flint campus, using college classes to finish any HS requirements. Even though they are still in high school, they will be like any other college student, except C-A will be able to pay part of their tuition! While this is our most rigorous program, students will enter college with approximately 55 transferable college credits. There is an application/interview process required to enter this program.

The DEEP (Dual Enrollment Educational Partnerships) Program is for students who wish to take classes for only one year. Those interested in the medical sciences join the students who are in their senior year of the CA STEM EC. The classes are held at CAHS and taught by UM-Flint instructors. If a student would rather take general education college classes, they will join students from other area high schools on the UM-Flint campus or online. Students will graduate high school with 12-13 college credits. All students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and a good attendance and discipline record, to be accepted.

Lastly, a student who has an interest in a specific class that UM-Flint offers that is not part of the other program, may participate in a Traditional Dual Enrollment program. These students take 3-5 classes at CAHS, then provide their own transportation to UM-Flint to take the class/classes of their choice. Some of the past students have taken Calculus I or II, Arabic, Music and English. All students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to be accepted.

Over the last several years, students have been able to take college classes both onsite (at CAHS) or through Traditional Dual Enrollment with Mott Community College. These classes are great for students that want college experience but might not want to commit to a program. If a student can provide their own transportation, they may take a course of their choice on campus, including many of Mott’s technical certificate programs. There is now a 2.5 minimum GPA requirement for Mott, and students must be able to take a placement test and complete an orientation process.

In addition to the programs at CAHS, Genesee County has started its own Early College program for students in the county interested in pursuing a technical degree or trade skill. Similar to our other early college option, students apply during their sophomore year and commit to a 13th year of education. However, these students will split their classes between CAHS, GCI and Mott or UM-Flint depending on which technical program they choose. Because this program is through the Genesee Intermediate School District, selection is open to students across the county. Students must apply by going to

To learn more about the GC CTE EMC, contact Andrea Tomczak, GC CTE EMC Coordinator, Genesee Intermediate School District, by phone at (810) 591-3288 or by email at

If your student is interested in learning more about any of the dual enrollment opportunities that Carman-Ainsworth offers, please have them talk to their counselor, or see Mrs. Hamadeh in the main office. You may also reach out to Mrs. Hamadeh by phone or email at 810-591-5503,