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Homecoming Parade 2021

Homecoming 2021 Parade Friday, October 15

Preparations are underway for the 34th annual C-A High School Homecoming Parade!
This year's parade theme is: The Sounds of Motown “Dancing in the Streets” Parade

The parade will begin at South Baptist Church (4091 Van Slyke Road) and will proceed south on Van Slyke Road, and east on Maple Road to C-A Middle School. Please complete this parade application form and return it by October 8, 2021 to:

Homecoming Parade Coordinators c/o Letitica Stinson and Angela Middleton
Carman-Ainsworth High School
1300 N. Linden Road
Flint, MI 48532

A confirmation will be sent confirming your placement in the parade.



Sounds of Motown!
“Dancing in the Streets”
Homecoming 2021 Parade

•All parade participants are responsible for obtaining their own equipment.

•The driver of the vehicle in the parade must be 18 years of age or older.

•A limited number of people will be allowed on/walking with a float/banner,provided that there is adult supervision.

•All riders/walkers must remain in place throughout the parade. No additions will be allowed once the parade has begun. Please let the parade coordinator know if people will be riding on your float.

•Procession behind a float/banner are permitted, but must be related to the float/banner.

•Parade give-a-ways are allowed and may be handed out to parade watchers.

•All parade submissions from organizations and/or businesses should incorporate the theme Sounds of Motown! “Dancing in the Streets” Homecoming2021 Parade.

•All Elementary, Middle and High school floats must reflect school spirit as well asSounds of Motown! “Dancing in the Streets” Homecoming2021 Parade theme.

•Once a parade submission theme has been approved, it may not be duplicated. We recommend that you send your parade submission in as soon as possible to ensure your design will be allowed.

•Sound and animation are encouraged!!!

•Each school, group/organization or business is responsible for clean-up and disposal of their parade submission.

•Your parade submission must be at South Baptist Church by 3:15 pm on Friday, October 15. Please be prompt! The parade WILL START at 4:30 pm!

•Recognition will be given to the winners of the following categories:

  • Best C-A High School Class Float/Banner
  • Best Overall Elementary/Middle School Float/Banner
  • Most in Keeping with the Theme
  • Best Sound/Movement

Thank you for your participation in the 34th annual Carman-Ainsworth High School Homecoming Parade and for making this parade a success! If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact:

Letitica Stinson, Parade Coordinator:; 810-591-5517

Angela Middleton, Parade Coordinator:; 810 591-5452