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Resources and Learning Opportunities

This page will continue to evolve over the coming days.

C-A is not responsible for any content on any of these linked sites.

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Use your login information from school as needed.


Other important login information:


Go to and sign in. 
Username: CarmanAinsworth
Password: Carman2020


Discovery Education can be accessed with the account:


GISD K-8 Learning at Home Resources -





Start With a Book


Squiggle Park

Phonics Games


Mrs. P.'s Magical Library

Story Place 

Brightly Story Time

Story Time with Bill

Magic Blox


Between the Lions 

Read Write Think

Reading Bear

Boom Writer


Fun Brain 

Teach Your Monster to Read

Story Pirates Podcast

Fluency and Fitness

Switch Zoo

National Geographic for Kids

Into the Book

Highlights for Kids


Ed Helper

Turtle Diary

Kid Lit

Harper Kids Storytime Read Alouds

e-Learning for Kids 

Khan Academy

Mystery Science 

Go Noodle




Middle School:

Art -

Ms. Brasher's page

Storyboard Creator


ELA -  (Free 30 day code to share - CarmanAinsworth; Carman2020)

Common Lit

McGraw Hill Language Arts

Read, Write, Think



Storyboard Creator


Foreign Language -   (Web code: jck-0001)

Duolingo - a free app for learning beginning Spanish


Health and Wellness -

Health Resources


Math -  (Use the Login and Password that you currently use at the building.)

Khan Academy


Mrs. Casault and Ms. Florida's Enrichment Resources information


Physical Fitness -

Kids Health


Science -



Social Studies -







Technology -

Typing Club


All Subjects -

Ed Helper

e-Learning for Kids

Khan Academy


March is Reading Month -

"Be You" by Peter Reynolds

"Giggle, Giggle, Quack" by Doreen Cronin

"The Kindness Tree" by Julia Leal


For all grade levels:




Read Write Think

Tween Tribute

Free Rice (Vocabulary)

Khan Academy

20 Virtual Field Trips

30 Virtual Field Trips

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

Museums with Virtual Tours

San Diego Zoo

International Children's Digital Library 

Library of Congress 

Free Kids Books

Open Library

Educational Resources Database

Read, Wonder, and Learn Resources

Read Theory

TED Ed Resources

Indianaoplis Public Library Free Video Read Alouds 

Authors Everywhere Writing Prompts and Read Alouds

Loyal Books - Audio Books

But Why? Podcasts

Educational Netflix Shows

Over Drive

Coding for Kids 


Special Interest:

Sports Illustrated for Kids



Family Resources -

Free Educational Apps




The Genesee District Library is working with us to provide Carman-Ainsworth students with access to GDL’s elibrary. If students don’t have a library card they can fill out this form and their card#/pin will be emailed back. Once school resumes the card will be delivered to school

Public Library Links - 

Flint Public Library website is:

Genesee District Library website is:

Library of Michigan website is:

Library of Congress website is:


C-A is not responsible for any content on any of these linked sites.