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Election Results

Fellow Cavaliers, 

As you are likely aware, our Building and Site Sinking Fund Increase and Headlee Override Millages were defeated. Needless to say, this is a disappointing result, we attempted to help our community understand that the existing millage generates less revenue now than when it was originally approved due to declining property values. In addition, we shared plans for the installation of safety measures, repairs to parking lots and improvements to outside lighting at each of our buildings.  

Although disappointed, this is not a time for us to dwell on the past; there is too much work to be done for kids. This is a time for us to move forward with our core mission: to guarantee learning for all students. We will continue to work on facility enhancements and seek other funding sources to make our plans a reality…it just might take more time than if we had been successful at the polls. 

I appreciate the efforts of the Carman-Ainsworth Residents for Excellent Schools (CARES) and those who volunteered their own personal time and energy in support of CARES. Although the end result was that the proposals were defeated, we are committed to our mission to support our schools and want to provide our children with the very best to ensure they are Safe and Secure to Learn and Grow