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Millage Proposal Information and Video

Please take a moment to watch our informational video regarding our May 7 Proposals:


C-A SINKING FUND 2019 from Vidcam Visual Media Solutions on Vimeo.


Recently our Board of Education approved two millage proposals that will appear on the May 7, 2019 ballot. As preparations are underway, it is important that we communicate the facts of these two proposals.  


Building and Site Sinking Fund Proposal

  • 1 mill increase in the district’s sinking fund. Currently Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools levy a ½ mill.  This new proposal will potentially generate an additional $750,000 a year, from 2019 to 2023.  This proposal will impact homeowners. The chart below gives some examples:


Home Market Value

Home Taxable Value

1 mill increase

Monthly Cost

Daily Cost



























Headlee Override Operating Proposal

  • The Headlee Amendment Override for Non-Homestead millage is not to exceed 2.1314 mills and will generate $45,000. This proposal does not impact homeowners; this is a tax on businesses only.  A Headlee Amendment Override is a vote by the electors to return the millage to the amount originally authorized (18 mills).  The override of 2.1314 mills combined with the current 17.8686 equals 20 mills; by statute the district may only levy 18 mills.  Why ask for more than the authorized 18 mills?  If approved at 20 mills, the district would not have to present a vote to the electorate every time the Non-Homestead millage is rolled back below 18 mills.


What is a sinking fund?

A Sinking Fund is an account into which our school district can deposit voter approved local millage revenue in order to pay for building projects and or repairs as they arise.  Sinking Funds provide our district with a cost-effective alternative to borrowing or bonding for some expenditures because they require no associated legal fees or incurred interest.


What can Sinking Fund Revenue be used for?

Primarily, Sinking Funds can only be used for renovation, repair, and construction of buildings, however recent legislation has allowed for expanded use of Sinking Fund dollars.  The expanded use covers some expenses related to school safety, security, and technology.  Sinking Fund dollars cannot be used for any operating expenses such as salaries, benefits, routine maintenance, textbooks, or bus replacement.


What are some examples of Sinking Fund projects the district would invest in if the proposal passes?

If approved, the district may seek to:

  • Upgrades to enhance school safety
  • Repair all district parking lots
  • Install new lighting in all district parking lots
  • Upgrade the main entrance at Carman-Ainsworth High School


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 


Eddie Kindle

Superintendent of Schools


VOTE MAY 7, 2019


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