• Natural Resources

    What is the Natural Resources Pathway?

         The Natural Resources Pathway refers to career fields and programs of study that are related to the environment and natural resources.

         The natural Resources Pathway includes fields such as:

    Agriculture Forestry
    Earth Science Horticulture
    Environmental Science Wildlife Management
    Fisheries Management  

    How do I know if this Pathway is for me?

         People who are successful in Natural Resources occupations possess some of the following traits:

    • Work well on their own or with a few people

    • Like to study things and figure out how they work

    • Like discovering how things grow and thrive

    • Enjoy working outdoors and in nature

    • Are willing to learn and use new technology

    • Enjoy and do well in science and math classes

    • Like working with their hands

    • Enjoy physical activity

    When can I start to explore Careers in this Pathway?

         The Carman-Ainsworth School District offers many elective courses that will help you get a head start in developing skills that you will use in Natural Resources occupations while still in school.

    Where can I get more information?

         This is a broad overview of the Natural Resource Pathway.  Information on salaries, training, and employment outlook is different for each career within this Pathway.

         You can find this information in the by utilizing the following computerized programs:

    What careers are in the Natural Resources Pathway?

    Sample careers in the Natural Resources Pathway include:

    High School Diploma

    • Animal Caretaker

    • Farm Worker

    • Florist

    • Fruit / Vegetable Farmer

    • Greenhouse / Nursery Assistant

    • Landscaper

    • Parks and Recreation Assistant

    Associate's Degree

    • Farm Manager

    • Forestry Technician

    • Golf Course Management

    • Landscape Design Assistant

    • Nursery Worker

    • Retail Floral Sales Person

    Bachelor's Degree and Above

    • Agricultural Engineer

    • Agriculture Extension Agent

    • Botanist

    • Conservation Officer

    • Farm Manager

    • Horticulturist

    • Landscape Architect

    • Wildlife / Fisheries Biologist