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    Attention *****March 16th to April 5th*****

    If you go to the school March 16th or 17th, get your Math Journal and Reference Book, Wonders Key,Anthology and YourTurn Book, Social Studies. These items are also available online.  Be healthy and safe.  Check back for updates and check your email.
    Week One 
    *Wonders Unit 6 Week 1
    Do: the Key pages, Anthology and all YourTurn for the week.
    *Math Unit 6 Math Journal Lessons 4 through 7
    Homelinks are online
    Use the Reference Book and Khan Academy if you need help.
    *History Alive  Read Chapter 6
    Week 2
    *Wonders Unit 6 Week 2
            *Key, Anthology and YourTurn
                 *Math Unit 6 Lessons 8 through 11
    *Social Studies Chapter 7
    Week 3
    Read a book 
    *Write a summary
    *Draw a picture of the main character
    *Write 3 character traits of the character with evidence from the text.
    *Take an A.R.
    Please DO SOMETHING academic for 40 minutes twice a day!!!
    Brainpop (Free to Sign up)
    StudyJams Science
    Draw something Science from Study Jams
    591-6775 Planning Time is 9:10-10:05.  It is difficult to answer any other time during the day.
      It becomes distracting when the phone rings in the middle of class.  Thank you for understanding.