• Pam Mrs. Linn is our School Counselor, she is available to students every day this year! If your child is in need of some assistance please contact her so she can help!

    Email: plinn@carmanainsworth.org
    Phone: 810-591-7059

    Mrs. Linn assist our Dillon Students with any issues they might have.  Mrs. Linn provides four different groups the groups are:
    Grief- This groups helps students who might be dealing with grief it might be in the lost of a family member or a sibling. 
    Managing Emotions- This group assists students with handling their emotions and helps them find healthy ways to show their emotions. 
    Friendship- This group helps Dillon students who might be struggling with making friends and need assisting learning these skills. 
    Transitions-This group helps with any transitions the students might be dealing with.