•  5th Grade Final Clap Out!

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    5th grade clap out

    directions for clap out




    Parents, we will be creating a baby picture slide show for our 5th graders.  Please email a baby picture of your child to Miss Mulkey by May 31st at 


    Please be sure to put your child's name in the subject line










    Logging In 

    1. Go to https://classroom.google.comand click on the “Sign In” button. 


    1. Having got to Google Classroom, students must log in by entering their student email and password.  Look at the blue instructions.


    Student email address: First 4 letters of your last name and last 4 digits of your lunch number followed by @students.carmanainsworth.org

    For example-> vanw1234@students.carmanainsworth.org


    Password:  Your 8 digit birthday

    For example-> 04012008   (April 01, 2008)


    1. You are brought to the Google Classroom Homepage.  Click Join on the class tile that appears on the Google Classroom page. 


    The Stream page: Shows all the class activity, including upcoming assignments that are due and any recent posts from the teacher or other students. 

    The Classwork page: Where you go to view and complete any assignments for the class. 

    The People page: Shows your teacher and a list of all your classmates. 


    I am also attaching instruction guides for how to navigate through google classroom.


    That is all I need you to do for now.  Please check this page daily for assignments and/or posts.  This week, I will be sending more emails as more information is shared by our district. However, have students get into the habit of signing into Google Classroom at a set time daily (morning preferably).  I have not come up with a set schedule for when our classroom will start each day or my exact office hours (when I can take calls, check my emails, and answering any questions and concerns you may have).  I will have a schedule set by the end of this week, for our distant learning that will begin on Monday, April 20th.  If you are in need of a chrome book, please be sure to follow the directions from the district letter on how to obtain one.

         I will post this information on my webpage as well.  If I do not have a current email for you, PLEASE contact me. Also, if you know of anyone who may not have access to their email, could you please share this information with them? I would greatly appreciate it.


    Take care,

    Mrs. McLean

    Mrs. McLean
    Tracy McLean
    5th grade teacher
    email: tmclean@carmanainsworth.org
    phone: (810)591-6795







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