• Rankin P.B.S.

    Hello Rankin Families:

    For those of you who may not be familiar with P.B.S. here is an introduction.

    What is it?
    P.B.S. or Positive Behavior Support is a process used here at Rankin to understand and resolve behavior problems our students are having. We try to understand why this behavior is occurring and come up with strategies to prevent the negative behavior, by replacing it with a positive one.

    Who sends students to P.B.S.?
    Any staff member may send a student to P.B.S. This includes teachers, tutors, lunchroom and playground supervisors, secretaries and custodians. They will fill out a referral form with all the information about the student’s behavior; which the student brings to P.B.S... Usually a student is sent to P.B.S. after they have been given several warnings, have changed their classroom behavior card 3 times or if the behavior is extremely disruptive, disrespectful or there is physical contact with another student. 

    What happens in P.B.S.?
    When students come to P.B.S. we will discuss what happened then talk about making positive changes to the student’s behavior. The student will write a plan about what happened, how his/her behavior should change, what the changed behavior will look like and finally how we will know the plan is working. Plans are set up to match the student’s grade and ability.  The P.B.S facilitator will work with the students to make sure they have made a good plan; we will review the plan and talk about it. The P.B.S. facilitator will call home, so the parent is aware that the student was in P.B.S. the plan will be coming home for the parent to review, sign and return to the classroom teacher.

    The primary goal of P.B.S. is to teach students positive skills to use to create a positive school learning environment for all. We believe by introducing, modeling and reinforcing positive behaviors your child’s educational experience will be greatly enhanced.

    If you have any questions, concerns or any information that you would like me to be aware of now or in the future; please don’t hesitate to call.

    We are here to work with you and your children to help make this a positive year at Rankin.

                                                                                                   P.B.S. Room Monitor
                                                                                                   Rankin Elementary