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    S. Munsell
    Room 213
    The Art program at Randels is a program designed to improve the visual skills of the student so that they can use those skills to their maximum when learning in other areas of the curriculum.
    Students learn many concepts visually ahead of their presentation in other subject areas.
    *fraction skills begin visually many years ahead of fractions being taught in the math program ( "fold your paper in half" ).
    With a limited amount of contact time we choose to do lessons that have the most "bang for the buck". Close examination of other subject goals and communication with the grade level teachers let us do our best to try to help develop secure knowledge in concept areas that students are struggling in.
    We also are trying to develop an understanding of the world that each student sees around them every day. We talk of famous artists, popular art that they see in their community, art in our school and homes, and all the visible forms of expression that surround us in modern society.
    Munsell quote: "Most human beings can be taught to do most things in life, but we always respect and think highest of those who do it with a certain ease or flair.  Those people have made an art out of the work or product that they produce."