Mrs. Kreklau 

    Room 103
    1st Grade
    Phone 810-591-6713
    Planning Time 2:37-3:31


    Reading and Writing

    Reading and writing is the main focus of first grade. Reading is the most important skill your child will ever acquire. Reading is the basis for all other learning.

    Children write everyday in first grade.


    The children will learn about living things (plants and animals), weather, and magnets.

    Social Studies

    The children will learn to read and interpret maps, explore the globe, discuss families and communities, good citizenship, patriotism, and current events.


    The children will learn about dental health, nutrition, personal safety, and the dangers of drugs.


    In math, we are using a math program called Everyday Math . This is a very hands-on approach to teaching math; focusing on telling time, using tallies, reading thermometers, measuring, counting money, and adding and subtracting. The children play games, work with partners and in small groups to explore and discover number concepts. Daily homework is part of this program.