•  Mrs. Buchowski
    Mrs. Adrienne Buchowski
    Classroom phone number: 591-7055 
     Mrs. Buchowski's Speech Classroom
    Room 101 A
    Speech therapy is a program offered to students who qualify for additional help in the areas of articulation, language, fluency, and/or voice.  If you have concerns about your student in any of these areas you may contact the classroom teacher or me directly at 591-7055 to request a screening.  After the screening if I feel that a full evaluation is warranted you will receive formal paperwork to return to me, as well as a phone call looking for your input.  Testing will then be done and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be scheduled where we will determine what, if any, additional intervention your child would benefit from.
        I have been a speech therapist for 34 years, however, 21 years here at Dillon Elementary.  I appreciate the privilege to help students in small groups work through areas that are difficult for them.
    I have three sons that are currently in college. I very much enjoy having raised and working with children.
     I really enjoy being a part of all the neat things that your children share with me.  We have a great time in speech as we play games and the children practice better speech without even realizing it!
    Thanks for visiting and you may contact me by phone or email with any questions and/or concerns. 
    As I review the above information on my website it is perfect for the routine situations. This time is certainly NOT routine and I would like to offer some additional information here specific for this timeframe.
    If you have a copy of your child's IEP handy please refer to that to review the goals and objectives that I have written. That can help you as a guide when you are working with your child on specific speech or language goals. You will be receiving in the mail a calendar of activities that your child can work on daily along with information that is specific to each of their needs. These activities should be fun and enriching. I miss each and every one of my students and am looking forward to getting back to our regular speech sessions in the fall. In the meantime, I hope that your child enjoys the learning and practice activities included in the packets that will come from me. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I will be checking for my messages on my office phone number daily and addressing emails daily as well.
        Adrienne Buchowski, MA, CCC-SLP