• What is Dillon Elementary Parent Club? We are a group of parents, caregivers, and school staff who volunteer our time to make Dillon the best elementary school in the district! We meet monthly to discuss school activities, program updates, upcoming events, and disbursement of any Parent Club activity funds. We also share in the decision-making for school activities, grounds improvements, budget, and fundraisers.
    Our goals and objectives are simple and few:
    • To promote and maintain good communication between parents, students, and staff.
    • To ensure that parents and caregivers have an opportunity to be involved, to share ideas, and assist in developing and carrying out projects and activities in the school.
    • To select projects for the betterment of the school, to select activities for the growth of students and to research and raise funds to support and maintain these projects.
    • To promote community activities within Dillon Elementary.
    • To represent Dillon Elementary in C-A district activities.
    The Dillon Parent Club meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 3:45 p.m. It's never too late to join!
    We hope to see you there!