• Bendle / Carman-Ainsworth Learning Community

    A Bendle / Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools Partnership

    The Learning Community is a concept, a philosophy, and  a new way of operating an organization. The one constant within the Learning Community is the vision of all programs working seamlessly together supporting successful outcomes for families.

    Despite multiple risk factors representing great odds against educational success - children participating in Learning Community programming scored favorably on state standardized tests, equal to or surpassing school district and state averages.

    Learning Community Mother

    "I've learned how important I am to my children. I'm  the one they should look up to for their needs. I'm the one that should teach them how to tie their shoes, teach them everything they need to know. My children are my world and I may not be able to take them places, but I can sit down with  them and work with them on writing, reading and numbers."