• erjkjb

    EMAIL :    mwarren@carmanainsworth.org

    I hope everybody is doing well during this difficult time.  I would like to invite all my students to join a Google Classroom account that I have set up for each hour. Here are the codes per hour.
    1st Hour:  upu27id
    2nd Hour: ucsgcr4
    4th Hour: 5ty4bzq
    5th Hour: b4szety
    6th Hour: zai3fjz
      You will need to log into google using your schools google email address
    (example = warre3456@students.carmanainsworth.org). 
    1st 4 letters of your last name then the last 4 numbers of your student ID@students.carmanainsworth.org
    Your birthday (must be 8 digits)
    Once you are logged into my classroom,  post your name so I can see who has logged into my classroom.  If you have any problems, please watch the video (in Enrichment Videos) on how to log into Google Classroom. I will be giving directions to each assignment in Google Classroom.  We will also be using Google Meeting for face to face instruction.
    I will also be using REMIND.  Here are the codes for each of my hours:
    1st Hour: @a3e7f3
    2nd Hour: @2ndhourmrw
    4th Hour: @2e6gfa
    5th Hour: @bgk8k3
    6th Hour: @dae8222
    If you have any questions, make sure you text me in Google Classroom or through REMIND.
    Thanks and stay safe :)

    Mr. Warren