• District Works to Save Energy Costs
    Over $2,200,000 Saved 
    Since March 2008, an energy management program has been utilized by the district to save dollars. The target goal is to reduce energy costs by 30.32%. Our energy manager, regularly visits buildings and reviews building energy data to determine behavior changes employees can make to further reduce energy usage. We are already reaping the benefits! Since June 2014, our savings has reached $2,100,000, well over the targeted 20% rate. This is a credit to our entire staff: the teachers and support staff that shut off their unused electronics; the custodial and maintenance staffs that monitor the lights and all of the HVAC equipment; as well as everyone that notices something running that shouldn't be and notifies the appropriate staff.
    The the "top five" savings tips are:
    • Close hallway doors
    • Close blinds
    • Turn off lights when exiting the room-even if for 5 minutes
    • Limit appliances usage, unplug during weekends & breaks
    • Turn off computers, speakers, and monitors via power strip.
    Mr. Cavett uses a personal computer to efficiently collect and manage large amounts of information. Both current and historical information is analyzed. This detailed energy tracking process has many benefits:
    • Verifies monthly invoices
    • Pinpoints problem areas
    • Helps manage the budget
    • Monitors the energy management program
    • Justifies potential energy conservation investments
    • Provides reports.
    If you have questions, you may call Mr. Cavett at (810) 591-3220.