• Mr. Willingham
    6th & 7th Grade Social Studies 
    6th Hour Planning Period: 1:55pm - 2:45pm
    Phone: 591-6874
    Chromebook Log-In 
    You will need to log into Google using your schools Google email address: (example= will3456@students.carmanainsworth.org)

    Username: 1st 4 letters of your last name then the last 4 numbers of your student ID@carmanainsworth.org

    Password: Your birthday (must be in 8 digit format)

    Example: MMDDYYYY



    TCI - Online Textbooks: "History Alive: The Ancient & Medieval World! (6th Grade)" & "Geography Alive: Regions & People! (7th Grade)" Log-In



    * The website is:  www.teachtci.com.  
    * Your username is your first initial and last name together (no
       spaces and all lowercase letters, (example: Matt Smith would be: msmith)
    * Your password is: willingham (all lowercase letters)
    * Each week I will be giving instruction on which readings
       and assignments we will do on Google Classroom