• Carman-Ainsworth Board of Education

    The Carman-Ainsworth Board of Education is composed of seven local citizens, with standard elected terms being six years. School elections are held in November of even years. Each Board member's expiration of term is noted in parenthesis, followed by their email address. Members are elected at large from the total school community. In addition, two students serve as non-voting members of the Board. The selection of these students is coordinated by the high school principal and Student Council.
    Waymond Beavers, Trustee (December 31, 2020) wbeavers@carmanainsworth.org
    Gary Cousins, President (December 31, 2024) gcousin@carmanainsworth.org
    Crystal Dahl, Trustee (December 31, 2022)  cdahl@carmanainsworth.org
    Lonney Jarnigin, Vice President (December 31, 2022)  ljarnigin@carmanainsworth.org
    James Johnson, Trustee (December 31, 2020)  revjbj66@comcast.net
    Lisa Koegel, Secretary (December 31, 2022) lkoegel@carmanainsworth.org
    Gloria Nealy, Treasurer (December 31, 2024) via lmurphy@carmanainsworth.org