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         I hope you and all of your family are healthy and safe. I just wanted to reach out to all of you about a few things.

         Email - I was having email issues at home, but now my CA email is working. (4/9/2020)

    • As of now, my Google classroom is still not working from home. I'm hoping to have that working soon. 
    •         Suggestions to do at home
    • The CA Webpage and the GISD site both have some good resources.
    • DWP- have parents proofread your paragraph(s)
      • Google “writing prompts for middle school”
      • Write a Weekly Recap
    • READ -READ-READ- spend at least 30 minutes a day reading.
      • Newspaper- Current Events
      • Novels- various types of Genres
      • Read to younger siblings
    • Also, try to get outside daily- maybe go for a walk. Fresh air is a good thing.

    Most importantly, stay safe at home and be well.

    Take Care, and I miss you all,

    Mrs. Bartkovich

    Mrs. (Routhier) Bartkovich

                                                                                                              7th Grade English




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