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    Hello to my NEW 7th Graders! 

         At this point, I have invited all my students to join my Google Classroom. Please check your School Gmail account.  I am looking forward to you joining my class.

    The following are the directions to get your School Schedule.

    Go to www.carman.k12.mi.us

    • Then click on the “Select a School”, then click “Middle School”
    • In the light blue bar, you will see “Students”, click on this.
    • Then click on “Student Vue”


    Your Student Vue Account

    • User name: Your Student ID (6 digits))
    • Password: Your Student ID (6 digits)    


    Mrs. Bartkovich

    Mrs. (Routhier) Bartkovich

                                                                                                              7th Grade English




    Phone:  810-591- 6265      
    Planning: - 8:00- 8:50 am
    Email: abartkov@carmanainsworth.org