Mrs. Pierce

    English and Spanish Teacher
     Email:  kpierce@carmanainsworth.org
    Phone: (810) 591-6261
    REMIND: Please join the appropriate REMIND classroom so you do not miss any important communication. This will also be a way for you to send me a message and ask me a question.   
    1st Hour:  Young Author's                   To: 81010   Message:  @ec24hk
    2nd Hour: Acl. English 7                     To: 81010   Message:  @ecbk97
    4th Hour: 7th Grade Spanish              To: 81010    Message:   @k44c3
    5th Hour:  Acl. English 7                     To: 81010   Message:   @4d76df 
    6th Hour:  8th Grade Spanish I           To: 81010   Message:   @g44khc
    Google Classroom: Please join the appropriate Google classroom with the codes below. (You must login with your SCHOOL Google Account.)
    1st Hour: Young Author's:          Google Classroom Code:  7zhceq3
    2nd Hour: Acl. English 7:            Google Classroom Code:  x77gwsw
    4th Hour:  7th Grade Spanish:    Google Classroom Code:  6jh74wt
    5th Hour: Acl. English 7              Google Classroom Code:  k4wwl6z
    6th Hour: 8th Grade Spanish I    Google Classroom Code:  vm45e4w 
    English and Spanish Teacher
    Room 715
    1st hour: Young Author's (1st Semester)  Planning (2nd Semester)
    2nd hour: Accelerated English 7
    3rd hour: Planning (1st Semester) 7th Grade Spanish (2nd Semester)
    4th hour: 7th Grade Spanish
    5th hour: Accelerated English 7
    6th hour: 8th grade Spanish I