• May 24, 2018

    Dear Parents and Community Members:

    We are pleased to present you with the Annual Education Report (AER) which provides key information on the 2016-2017 educational progress for Carman-Ainsworth Middle School. The AER addresses the complex reporting information required by federal and state laws. The school’s report contains information about student assessment, accountability and teacher quality. If you have any questions about the AER, please contact Mary Haslinger for assistance.

    The AER is available for you to review electronically by visiting https://goo.gl/jmBceL or you may review a copy in the principal’s office at your child’s school.

    Michigan uses the School Index System to identify schools for support, starting in 2018 with data from the 2016-2017 school year.  The School Index System measures school performance in six areas – student growth, student proficiency, school quality/student success, graduation rate, English Learner progress, and assessment participation.  Every school receives an overall index value ranging from 0 – 100 based on the degree to which the school meets its target in each area.  Index values also are calculated for each subgroup that has at least 30 students within a school.  School will be identified as Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) if they have one or two subgroups with index values at or below the highest index value used to identify the bottom 5% of schools. 

    For the 2017-18 year, Carman Ainsworth Middle School was identified as a Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) School due to one underperforming student group.   

    In terms of student achievement, Carman-Ainsworth’s focus has been to attain growth in all subject areas. In the past, we have seen improvements in State Standardized Test scores for those students who attended Carman-Ainsworth Middle School for a full-academic year. This trend has also surfaced within our subgroups. There is still a need for continuous improvement in all of the content areas in order for our students to meet the proficiency levels set forth by the state. We are addressing the need for improvement using the following strategies:

    • Aligning the curriculum with common assessments to ensure consistency in instruction and assessment.
    • Developing a School Improvement Plan aligned with District School Improvement Plan (particular focus on building academic vocabulary this school year).
    • Establishing Professional Learning Communities to share and implement best practices for student learning.
    • Implementing a Comprehensive Tiered Response to Intervention System.
    • Utilizing an Instructional Coach/Reading Interventionist, teaching the Adolescent Accelerated Reading Initiative to students who are well below grade level in reading.
    • Adding After school support.
    • Focusing on Culturally Proficient Instruction
    • Integrating Restorative Practices.

    The NWEA assessment is used to determine students’ academic growth. The NWEA Tests will measure growth in Math, Reading, and Language. Interventions in Math and Reading are utilized throughout the year to address any achievement gaps.

    State law requires that we also report additional information. Students attending Carman Ainsworth Middle School live within the district boundaries or were accepted through the district’s limited choice program. Carman-Ainsworth Middle School is a school-wide Title I building which provides the school with the flexibility to maximize its resources for building-wide academic support. This designation allowed for the creation of a school improvement plan with goals in the areas of Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Writing and Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS). In the 2017-2018 school year CAMS will continue to focus on the aforementioned goals. Academic enrichment and other extended learning opportunities are available to the students at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School. The school’s core curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards. Information regarding the core curriculum is contained in syllabi produced by instructors, pacing guides, and the CAMS course description book.

    The staff at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School communicates with parents/guardians through phone calls, email, progress reports, communication applications, and parent/teacher conferences.  Parents can also utilize ParentVue to stay informed about their child’s progress.  Twice a year, we invite parents to the middle school to pick up their child’s progress report and meet with teachers.  Parent participation in these events averaged 42% during the 2017-2018 school year.


    Parent Participation - Fall

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    Carman-Ainsworth Middle School is a great place for students to strive to reach their highest potential. It is our mission to “Educate all students to high levels of academic achievement” by positively collaborating with students and parents to create the Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools community.




    Mary Haslinger, Principal

    Carman-Ainsworth Middle School