Carman-Ainsworth Middle School

    Points of Pride


    State of the Art Facility

    ·         Two gyms

    ·         Auditorium

    ·         Share the varsity football stadium and track on 140 acres of land

    ·         Equipped with high levels of technology to support all aspects of our educational program

    ·         Cafeteria which seats up to 500 students


    Student Learning in “Houses” ~ Grades 6, 7 & 8

    ·         Students and staff work in small, close-knit “houses”

    ·         Separate learning areas by grade level and “house”

    ·         Daily advisory time in small groups with focus on a variety of topics


    College Preparatory Courses and Quality Core Curriculum

    ·         Math, computer essentials, and world language courses  (Spanish and French) for high school credit

    ·         Accelerated Graduation Opportunity (AGO)

    o   Earn two high school credits prior to high school (World Language and Algebra)

    o   Take summer courses, AP classes in high school (plus additional requirements)

    o   Meet graduation requirements in three years

    §  Dual enroll in college and high school for fourth year

    §  Or take AP classes to prepare for college for fourth year

    ·         Receive significant money for tuition from state funds

    ·         Weekly staff meetings and intensive annual training to continually upgrade instruction around core subjects

    ·         41% to 60% of students regularly achieve honor roll status

    ·         Pilot school for digits Grade Level Math Curriculum

    ·         Common assessments developed by the school for:

    o   Reading

    o   Writing

    o   Math

    o   Social Studies/History

    o   Science

    o   Physical Education

    o   Technology Fine Arts


    School-Wide Reading Program

    ·         Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) integrated into advisory curriculum

    ·         6th grade curriculum devotes one class period for reading and one for writing

    ·        Marzano vocabulary strategies

    ·         Evidence Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI)  used across the curriculum


    Student Mentorship Program

    ·         Peer-to-peer mentoring program

    ·         Daily, school-wide positive behavior reinforcement (positive blue slips)

    ·         Positive Behavior Support Interventionists

    ·         YouthQuest available after school


    Anti-Bullying Policy and Programs

    ·         Policy adopted by the board of education

    ·         Anti-Bullying Advisory Curriculum

    ·         Anonymous reporting student concern box and website

    ·         BK2E ~ Be Kind to Everyone program in place and reinforced school-wide


    Community Outreach Programs and Events

    ·         Student Council

    ·         National Junior Honor Society

    ·         Helping Hands Program

    ·         Men at Work

    ·         South Baptist Church

    ·         District Community Winterfest

    ·         House-sponsored and content specific service learning opportunities

    ·         Diverse student population


    Opportunities for Parent and Family Involvement

    ·         41-60% of parents attend parent-teacher conferences and PTO meetings and functions

    ·         Active Parent Club

    ·         Math Night

    ·         Dinner and Conversation Night

    ·         High School and Beyond Night

    ·         Ice Cream Social Family Fun Night

    ·         English Language Arts and Art Night

    ·         Title I Family Learning Nights


    Academic Intervention

    ·         Title I Tutors, including certified teachers, assist students during class in whole group, small group, and one-on-one settings

    ·         Adolescent Accelerated Reading Initiative (AARI) helps with reading fluency and comprehension, taught by certified teachers

    ·         Daily interventions focusing specifically on building reading fluency for struggling students

    ·         Daily interventions focusing specifically on building math skills for struggling students

    ·         STAR and Successmaker computer programs to assess and build math, reading and comprehension skills

    ·         After school “Homework Help” support facilitated by tutors and certified teachers

    ·         After school support devoted to digits math

    ·         Tutor support for students in the in-school-suspension room in completing work for that day


    Student Opportunities in Fine Arts and Technology

    ·         World Champion Robotics Team

    ·         Broadcasting Club

    ·         GenNET ITV (Interactive Television) Online Learning

    ·         Orchestra

    ·         State Qualifying Band

    ·         Plays performed for the community