• Middle School Athletics Eligibility

    The following is a summary of the athletic discipline code. See the Athletic Coordinator for specific board policy. All school rules for conduct and behavior apply to athletics. Student athletes representing our school are expected to have excellent behavior.

    Academic Requirements

    Students must have passed five (5) credit courses during the previous semester. Students must currently be passing all classes (Carman-Ainsworth Board of Education rule).


    Eighth grade students must be under 15 and 7th graders under 14, unless your birthday occurs on or after September 1.


    All team members shall be at all practice sessions and athletic contests at the times designated by the coach. We realize there are situations when it is impossible for a participant to attend due to illness, injury, and other required school or family commitments. The participant shall make prior arrangements with the coach for an excused absence.


    Students cannot receive money for participating in MHSAA sponsored sports. Students may accept, for participation in athletics, a symbolic or merchandise award which does not have a value over $15.00. Banquets, luncheons, dinners, trips, and fees or admissions to camps or events are permitted if accepted "in kind."


    Students must be enrolled in the school for which they compete.

    Limited Team Membership

    After practicing or participating with the junior high school teams, students cannot participate on non-school teams in the same sport during the same season. Students in the individual sports of cross-country, swimming, and track and field may participate in two meets outside of school during their season.

    Physical Examination

    Students must have on file in the Athletic Coordinator's Office, a physician's statement for the current school year certifying that they are physically able to compete in athletics. A physical after April 15, is good for the following school year.

    Proof of Insurance

    All student athletes must have proof of health insurance. (Carman-Ainsworth Board of Education rule).

    School Attendance

    School attendance on the day of a contest is required. In the event of an emergency, a student who is absent from school on the day of the contest may be allowed to participate with the approval of the principal or athletic coordinator. If you are suspended from school, you may not practice or play in contest until the suspension is over.


    Players conduct and behavior towards opponents, game officials, coaches, or any other supervisory staff shall be of the highest caliber in keeping with the standards of good sportsmanship. Fighting is never justified. Players on the team bench who leave the bench during a fight will be considered involved in the fight. Taunting, profanity, and/or racial remarks will not be tolerated. Players who are removed from a game for unsportsmanlike behavior will sit out the next game.


    Students must travel to all away athletic contests on school owned or chartered buses or other such approved vehicles and shall return home on the same vehicle after the contest is over. 7th and 8th grade students may return home after the contest with the student's parents or guardian if a parent signs them out with the coach. Players' behavior on the team bus will be safe and will conform to the Carman-Ainsworth School District bus policy.

    Uniforms and Equipment

    Athletes will be responsible for all school equipment which is issued to them during a sport season. All equipment must be returned to the coach at the end of the sport season. Athletes are required to pay for all lost equipment and are restricted from participating in any other practice session or athletic contest until this obligation has been cleared.

    Use of Tobacco

    The use, possession, distribution, or sale of all tobacco products is a violation of the athletic rules and subjects the athlete to penalty and suspension for three (3) days or more.