• Syllabus—World History 2017-18

    Mr. Winiarski


    Social studies are an important component in creating educated, responsible citizens who can effectively participate in our democratic system.


    Course Information

    Full year course intended to be taken in the 11th grade

    1 Social Studies credit 


    Teacher Information

    I have 6th  hour planning from 1:20 to 2:15. Please call me at 591-5571 or access my email at gwiniars@carmanainsworth.org. Email is the easiest way for me to respond, but your phone calls are always welcome. All classes are taught in room 310.


    Text and Student Supplies

    The textbook students will use is WorldHistory, Prentice Hall, 2009.  Students will need a notebook for each semester to keep all their work in.  Also, please make sure you student has paper, pencils, highlighters, and flashdrive  in their backpacks.


    As students study World History, they will learn about the human experience over time and space. They will encounter powerful and sometimes conflicting ideas while learning about people and events in different places and times.  They will investigate our diverse and common traditions, and work to understand the complex interactions among various environmental, human and social forces that have influenced and continues to influence us.  Studying World History connects us to people and events across time and space, illuminating the range and depth of human experience on grand as well as local scales.


    Students will be able to understand, analyze, and interpret historical movements and events to help them better understand and make sense of the world we live in today.


    Activities will include but are not limited to:

    1.      Class lectures, power points, and reading.

    2.      Note taking; class discussion; read articles; interpret cartoons, charts, graphs; and answer questions.

    3.      Skill building activities - mapping, graphing, identifying perspective, reading skill reinforcement.

    4.      Writing for understanding - This writing includes assignments such as a position paper regarding a significant social studies issue. 


    Graduation Requirements

    All students must earn 24 credits to graduate. This means that you may not fail any semester (1/2 credit) to graduate on time.  Those who do fail any semester may take summer or night classes to make up those lost credits.


    My Basic Feelings Regarding Class

    1.      Each day when you attend class, you and I are making a 60-minute commitment to social studies. I expect you to be focused and prepared.

    2.      Treating people with dignity is important. Please use terms like “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me” when appropriate. This will help create the atmosphere of respect and tolerance that most students desire.

    3.      Disrespectful behavior is not uncommon. It is painful to see and hear how students treat each other and occasionally me. I expect that you will treat all people with respect while you are in my class.





    Your marking period grade will be determined by dividing the number of points you have earned by the number of points possible.   Semester grades will be determined by:

    80% cumulative semester grade and  20% -semester exam


    grading scale: A   =  93-100 %           B-  = 80-82 %               D+ = 67-69 %

    A-     =  90-93 %             C+= 77-79 %               D   = 63-66 %
    B+  = 87-89 %             C   = 73-76 %               D-  = 60-62 %
    B   =  83-86 %             C-  =  70-72 %

    Students who receive at least 78% on the semester exam will receive no lower than a D- for the semester.


    Class Participation— 30 points per marking period. These points are yours to keep. You are expected to come to class prepared and to participate positively. If you are off task, unprepared, disruptive,etc., you will lose 1 point per infraction. I expect that you will:

    1. Bring books, supplies, and assignments to class.
    2. Begin work promptly.
    3. Stay in your assigned seat.
    4. Respect each other and do not disrupt class.


    Assignment guidelines

    1.      Homework: short homework assignments will be given. 

    2.      Late work:  late work will be accepted and your grade will be reduced depending on how late it is.

    ·        1day late:  20%

    ·        2+days:  50%

    ·        after we have taken a chapter test, I will no longeraccept late work for that chapter

    3.     C-A writing guidelines require name, date, hour, and assignment. Grades  for assignments without CAWF will be reduced by one point.

    4.     Getting assignments after absences:   students should first ask another student what assignments they missed.  If they still have questions please see me before class, after class, or before or after school.  I rarely will have time during class to organize this information.

    5.     Please remind me if you use the resource room for taking tests.


    Tardy and Absence Policy

    Expect me to be very consistent in following the school policies regarding tardiness and absences. When the late bell rings, sit in your seat and get ready for instructions. If you are not in your seat you may be marked tardy. I will follow school policies strictly in order to be as predictable and consistent as possible.  This should avoid any problems regarding favoritism. Experience leads me to believe that excessive absences will cause your grade to suffer.  Additionally, if you are frequently more than5 minutes tardy, expect me to be upset. Each time you are excessively late I must redo attendance which takes time away from the rest of the class and interrupts instruction.


    Excuse Absences

    Call the attendance office (591-3243) to excuse an absence.


    Make-up Work

    See student handbook for details on how long students have to make up missed work. 


    Field Trips

    ·        I will sign field trip permission slips as long as students have a passing grade in my class (60%).



    The basic rule is do not disrupt our class. Beyond this I am reasonably flexible and patient. I enjoy the company of students and will make an effort to get to know you on a personal level. However, I have little patience for students who are rude, interrupt others, or disrupt the learning environment.  Misbehavior will result in:

    1.     conference between myself and the student

    2.     a telephone call home

    3.     referral to the assistant principal’s office

    4.     gross misconduct-sent immediately to the principal’s office



    Hall Passes

    I will give you 4 hall passes each semester. Because my boss has requested, hall passes are for emergencies only. If you need to retrieve forgotten materials or go to the bathroom you may use a pass or take a tardy to do so, at my discretion. Please take care of personal business, get class supplies, and go to the bathroom between classes. Exceptions will be made for emergencies.



    Classroom Procedures and Policies:

    1.     Please do not bring food, drinks, or candy to class.

    2.     Unless I am specifically told by administration, I will allow water (in clear containers) in class.

    3.     Be prepared.  Bring your textbook, notebook, and a black or blue pen (no gel pens) or pencil to class every day.

    4.      You will lose participation points if you are not prepared.

    5.     Keep a notebook with all assignments, notes, and handouts in it. 

    6.     Sit in your seat when the bell rings and begin the “starter activity” that is on the board or overhead.

    7.     At the end of class, stay in your seat until the bell rings. 

    8.     Participate-it will make this class a more enriching experience for us all.

    9.     Respect yourself, all people, all materials, and all furnishings in class.

    10. Regarding housekeeping: I will pick up after you at times, but it is not a  professional pursuit of mine. Please pick up any paper (and other stuff) off the floor and throw it in the basket before the end of the hour.


    Academic Integrity

    All students have the right to take tests and quizzes in an environment that allows them to concentrate and do their best work. Students who disrupt the testing process will have their test/quiz score reduced by 10% or lose participation points. Students caught cheating one time will receive a failing grade for that test/quiz.  If you are caught cheating again you will be referred to the office and I will contact your parents.


    Technology Usage

    All students must have a signed “Acceptable Use Practices”(AUP) on file in the media center.  In order to use computers in the media center, students must have their AUP cards.


    My Philosophy of Education

    All students can learn and each day I will do my best to create the conditions to help you achieve at least one year’s academic growth this year. I believe that all we do as teachers should be guided by what is best for students’ welfare, growth, and future. A non-threatening classroom climate is essential for all students to have the opportunity to learn. I have a “zero tolerance” policy for behavior that is demeaning, threatening, or disrespectful to any student or myself.

    Additionally, I know that you face challenges that people my age did not.  Today school is more demanding because the marketplace demands more from you, athletic teams are more competitive, college entrance requirements are higher, and the temptations that you face out of school are certainly more deadly than the ones I faced.  That said, by working together you will make progress towards reaching your goals.

    You are the reason that I teach.  It is the relationships that we will develop that make this job rewarding.  I have made these comments because I want you to know that I respect teenagers and am aware that you face challenges.  Like many before you, you will excel and become a stronger, better person because of the challenges that you face.  Let’s have a great year together.



    Please show and explain this to your parents/guardians.


    My student has shown me this syllabus.  He/she has read the entire syllabus and understands it. BY RETURNING THIS SIGNED SLIP ON TIME, YOUR STUDENT WILL EARN 10 POINTS.


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    Parent/guardian signature                                                                    date


    Parent/guardian email (optional)____________________________________________


    Student name _______________________________


    Please call me at 591-5571 or email me at gwiniars@carmanainsworth.org, if you have any questions.