• The Magazine
    The entries for the 2013-2014 school year will be accepted electronically and in room 110.  Only submissions received before the January deadline will be considered. 
    The Club
    Our team is made up of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.  If you would like to join The Calliope, listen for our announcements.  It is never too late to join the club.  We invite you to join us any time during the school year, even if you just enrolled in January or are waiting for another sport or extracurricular activity to end.  We meet on Tuesdays in room 110 beginning in December.

    Calliope Banquet
    The Calliope will host an afternoon of art and writing in the spring.  All students who are selected for the print or online Calliope will be invited along with their friends and families.  Students and teachers will be reading selections from this year's issue as well as art entries featured in our gallery. 
    Calliope Awards
    The Calliope awards two prizes at Senior Honors Night.  The Calliope Scholarship a monetary award for a student whom the English Department at CAHS recognizes has grown in writing and personal expression during his or her time at CAHS.  The second award, The Calliope Award, is given to the student whose work submitted to the Calliope is most influential to its readers and viewers.
       Previous Recipients
       Shelby Marsh- Calliope Scholarship
       August Kimbrell- Calliope Award
    The Judging of EntriesThis year's members creating posters.Check out our new poem booth.
    Vera Hazlett
    Room 110