• Positive Parent Network Minutes

    September 11, 2012  6 pm


    ·        Introductions


    ·        Purpose

    o   Increase Academic Achievement for all students.

    o   Create a forum where parents can connect, network, and support each other.

    o   Provide a vehicle to empower parents, a way for parents to become involved with school, and a way to partner with school.


    ·        History

    o   Dinner and a Show (Leo’s Coney Island Fund Raiser)

    o   PPN Newsletter

    o   Support for one another


    ·        Discussion

    o   21 Club

    o   Bring a Parent to School Day

    o   PPN Newsletter

    o   10 Truths about Parent Involvement article (read and discuss)

    o   Next Steps?


    ·        Next meeting

    o   Tuesday September 4, 2012 6:30 C-AHS Media Center

    o   Life Skills

    o   Career Planning

    o   Mott College CFO Program

    o   Parenting Class


Last Modified on September 12, 2012