• Attendance Policy: 

    Carman-Ainsworth High School Attendance Rules are based upon the State of Michigan General School Law on Compulsory School Attendance. The purpose of meeting attendance requirements is to maintain academic standards for maximizing student learning opportunities and earning credit. Students learn best when they are present and on time to class. The school recognizes that a student may have circumstances (doctor appointments, illness, personal vacations, etc.) that cause him/her to miss school.   

    Parents must call the Attendance Office at 810-591-3243 to verify/authorize every absence from school.

    High School Attendance Procedure

    1. When a student has reached 3-4 absences teachers will make contact home.
    2. When a student has reached 5 absences, an attendance letter will be sent home to make families aware.
    3. When a student has reached 7 absences, another letter will be sent home to make families aware of the worsening attendance problem. Families can expect a conversation with the behavior interventionist and will be informed of the pass/fail threshold at 12 absences.
    4. When a student has reached 9 absences, a final letter from the office will be sent home. Families will be made aware that the next step is a formal mediation meeting with a GISD representative from the Attendance Task Force.
    5. At 12 absences, a mediation invitation letter is sent by the counselor. After the mediation is scheduled, the counselor will add the student to the Attendance Task Force Synergy group to be monitored by the GISD. Behavior Interventionists will inform teachers that the student is now on Pass/Fail for their classes, and will assist the student with filing an appeal if the student wishes to appeal the Pass/Fail decision. They will also inform teachers if the appeal has been granted.
    6. At 15 absences a final Synergy generated letter is sent alerting the family that a petition for truancy is being filed. The counselor, principal, or other designee will attend the court date(s) as needed, and further instruction will be provided from the GISD.