• New Rules/Expectations for C-A Middle School 22-23

    Greetings CAMS families. This is principal Chapman contacting you today with some very important information for your student. The school year, CAMS is implementing some major expectation changes for all students. These changes are outlined below. In addition, I have included other rules and expectations that you and your student should be aware of as they will be enforced consistently and with fidelity.

    • CELL PHONES – No cell phones are allowed to be used in the school during school hours. This includes in the classroom, during passing times and during lunch. Progressive consequences will be issued for failure to comply with this expectation. The no cell phone policy also includes no AirPods, Beats and other personal headphones that do not pair with our Chromebooks. Chromebooks are assigned to all students to meet the technological needs of the student and school. We also have software to monitor students technology usage that will be used daily.
    • OUT OF BOUNDS – Most elective classes have been moved to the 900 hallway. Students should not be out of their designated areas unless they are going or coming from their class. If a student does not have a class in a particular area, the student is prohibited from entering the area without prior approval. Progressive consequences will be issued for failure to comply with this expectation.
    • TARDIES/TRUANCY – Students are to be in their classes before the final bell rings to start each hour. Failure to do so will result in progressive disciplinary action up to and including filing truancy with the courts.
    • LOCKERS – Students are only to use assigned lockers before school, after school, and before/after lunch. All other times, students must be issued a written pass from a teacher/administrator. All lockers are property of the school and  subject to search upon reasonable suspicion of inappropriate activity.
    • BOOKBAGS/PURSES/ETC. – Any and all of these are not  allowed in the halls or classrooms. If a student needs an item from a bag a pass will be written for a student to use their locker.
    • HEADWEAR – No headwear is allowed. This includes hoodies, durags, headscarves, sunglasses, headbands, and all others (not including religious exemptions). If a student is in need of a head covering for personal reasons, one will be supplied to them. It will be generic (the same) for all.
    • BREAKFAST – The kitchen/cafeteria closes when the morning warning bell rings to start the day.
    • STUDENT SCHEDULES – Please be aware that schedule requests cannot and will not always be honored. Student schedule requests are simply interest surveys for students. We review these requests and do our best to place students based on interest. Because of the complexity of scheduling this is not always an option, and students are scheduled in ways that best fit the student, teaching staff, and allotted needs of the building. We reserve the right to schedule students where we see best fit.
    • BULLYING/THREATS – Harassment and/or threats directed towards students, staff and/or the building will not be tolerated and will be turned over to law enforcement. This includes any/all threats made using electronic devices (phones, Chromebook, etc.) on social media that directly impact the well-being of students and/or of staff of CAMS.

    Many of these expectations are not new. However, some are, and careful consideration has been made to ensure that rules and expectations are implemented and enforced to ensure the safety of all students and staff here at CAMS. If you have any questions regarding any of these expectations, please feel free to email me. These expectations have been communicated though phone, email, student orientation and they are posted to the CAMS website. Thank you.


    Taylor Chapman

    Principal, Carman-Ainsworth Middle School

    1409 W. Maple Ave.

    Flint, Michigan 48507