• Mrs. Meuhlen

    *email: ameuhlen@carmanainsworth.org

    Phone: 810-591-6863



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    6th GRADE            LUNCH

    7th GRADE           LUNCH

    8th Grade              LUNCH

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    Teachers Note:

    Dear Students and Families,



    Mrs. Meuhlen



    Google Classrooms

    Students should first check their school emails for an invite from me and should accept it.

    Please provide a parent email if you want summaries sent to a parent.


    You may access Google Classroom from your school email account. 

    Sign Into School Google Email:

    First Four Letters of Your Last Name Last Four Numbers of Student ID @students.carmanainsworth.org

                                   Password: Birthdate (MMDDYYYY)

    Example for Merry Christmas



     ***Please note that the s in students and ainsworth are often omitted, double check this if it is not working for you!***

                    You must use your school google accounts and emails this year to ensure you have access to all our curriculum and notices.

     Here is a quick tutorial on how to join google classroom. Students will use their school email and password for their google accounts.


    You may need to copy and paste this into the search bar.






    th Grade Math will access our online text at:


    Modeling Real Life


     Students are to check their school email and log into Google Classroom for every period everyday.