• Mrs. Meuhlen

    email: ameuhlen@carmanainsworth.org

    Phone: 810-591-6863

    Advisory 7:55-8:19

    1st Hr. 6th Grade Social Studies 8:19-9:15

    2nd Hr. Prep. 9:19-10:15 

    3rd Hr. 6th Grade Social Studies 10:19-11:15

    11:15-11:49 Lunch

    4th Hr. 7th Grade Personal Management 11:53-12:50

    5th Hr. 6th Grade Social Studies 12:54-1:50

    6th Hr. 6th Grade Social Studies 1:54-2:50


    Teachers Note:

    Dear Students and Families,

    I know we are embarking on a new and somewhat different journey underneath some unusual circumstances. This may leave many people anxious about what is to come and what school will look like. CAMS will be communicating with staff and families as soon as they have the plan rolled out and in place. In the meanwhile, I have been working to have communication in place and access for the students to our curriculum and Google Classroom. I do not have any details at this time on how our school year will look from this point forward. However, do know that each and every student and their households are in my thoughts and prayers at this time. I miss the in-person interactions I had with my students and happily look forward to hearing from each of you. I hope you are taking this time to enjoy each other and help each other out. Mrs. Meuhlen's family has spent time walking, reading, playing board and online games, cooking, eating ( a lot of eating), campfires, yard work, schoolwork, and binge-watching! May you all stay healthy and well.  



    Mrs. Meuhlen



    All 6th Grade Social Studies Classes can access our online text History Alive! The Ancient World  and curriculum at:


    student log in:

    ***1st/3rd Hr. Classes I have shortened my teacher email/username to make logging in easier and faster.


    student usernames are your first initial of your first name and your last name- no spaces and all lower case

    for example your name is John Smith your user name is jsmith

    password abc123


    *****4th/5th Hr. Classes

    teacher email/username: nholdsworth

    student usernames are your first initial of your first name and your last name- no spaces and all lower case

    for example your name is John Smith your user name is jsmith

    password cams2019



    Please join my Remind either by texting @fc8c69 to 81010, or download the Remind app and use code rmd.at/fc8c60 or by using the link I have attached below



    Google Classrooms

    Please Join Google Classroom using the following Class Codes.

    You may access Google Classroom from your school email account. 

    Sign Into School Google Email: First Four of Last Night Last Four of Student ID @ Students.carmanainsworth.org

                                   Password: Birthdate (MMDDYYYY)

                    Go to Google Classroom ICON and Add new Class with Class Code Below


    1st Hr.    gffmf2e


    3rd Hr.   ewfn7fo


    4th Hr.   fz6k6i4


    5th Hr.   jmnctpt


    6th Hr.   ctwzlr2  (l is the letter like in lemon)