• Mrs. Bellant

    Email: abellant@carmanainsworth.org

    Phone: 810-591-6862

    Planning: 2nd Hour - 9:00-9:55am 

    Classes: 6th Grade ELA, 6-8 Creative Arts & Technology, and 6-8 Teen Survival 


    ALL Classes - Google Classrooms have been created.  Please join! This will be our main platform for all school work! 

    *You must login with your SCHOOL Google Account

           -->Username: School Email

                  (1st 4 letters of last name last 4 #s of lunch #@students.carmanainsworth.org)   

                Ex: bell1234@students.carmanainsworth.org

           -->Password: Birthdate (2 #s for month 2 #s for day 4 #s for year) 

                Ex: 11242006

    Here is a link on how to join Google Classroom:

    How to join Google Classroom!


    3rd Hour - Google Classroom Class Code: lsaxrul

    4th Hour  - Google Classroom Class Code: 5buwitj

    5th HourGoogle Classroom Class Code: afzbup3

    **Teen Survival

    1st HourGoogle Classroom Class Code: avhtazv

    **Creative Arts & Technology 

    6th Hour - Google Classroom Class Code: 4owvymw

    REMIND - Please sign up for Remind! This is a great communication tool that I will use for the school year to get information out.  Reminders, dates, parent contact/ help, etc. There is an app to download, through text message, or on any internet browser. 

    **Please sign up with your full name and NOT a nickname.  If you are a parent, please tell me the name of your student when you sign up. 

         *Teen Survival - 1st Hour

            -Remind Code: @9k8h3f

         *ELA - 3rd, 4th, 5th Hour

            - Remind Code: @a3h8c6

         *Creative Arts & Technology - 6th Hour

          - Remind Code: @7ebd3b

    *Please reach out to me through email or Remind at any time with any questions or concerns.  I know we are in crazy times, but I am looking forward to a fantastic school year! :)