• Title I

    Title I and At-Risk (also known as 31a) are two sources of funding that school districts receive to help children find success in school. Title I funding comes from the federal government, and At-Risk funding comes from the state government.

    At Randels Elementary, we use this funding to run several programs that benefit our school, such as:
    • Carman-Ainsworth Recovery
    • Early Literacy Intervention (E.L.I.)
    • GrapeSEEd 
    • Classroom tutors
    • Leveled Literacy Intervention
    • Title One Montessori Math Intervention (T.O.M.M.I.)
    • Homework help
    • Professional development for teachers
    • Summer school
    • Family Learning Nights
    • Randels Elementary STAR room and the resources in it
    • Leveled book library