• Carman-Ainsworth - Baker Career Academy

    Mission, Benefits, Goals, and Strategies




    Carman-Ainsworth - Baker Career Academy is a high school designed for students who are highly motivated to complete the Michigan Merit Curriculum through a unique program that emphasizes academics and career preparation.


    Important Benefits

    All students will have the opportunity to:

    • Earn high school and college credit at the same time, saving time and money.
    • Receive a high school diploma and a Baker College transcript for those collegiate-level courses that students complete successfully as stipulated in the Baker program requirements.
    • Engage in a program of study that meets their individual needs.
    • Receive grades on the basis of demonstrated competence.
    • Gain work experience and enhance career preparation skills.
    • Participate in small class sizes, appropriate to course and lab requirements.
    • Take advantage of Baker College facilities and services.



    The Academy will:

    • Address the individual needs of all committed students: academic, emotional, social, and career.
    • Reinforce students' motivation to become productive and responsible members of society.
    • Provide career path opportunities that enable graduates to become successful and self-supporting in this area or beyond.
    • Provide students with high quality, career readiness skills and training that meet employers needs.
    • Provide opportunities throughout the program to experience team studies, cooperative teaching, group projects, and experiential learning.
    • Enable students to learn through discovery -
      • how to learn.
      • how to engage in higher order thinking.
      • how to promote substantive conversation.
      • how to develop connections to the world.



    Students will experience strategies that incorporate rigor, relevance, and relationships, within:

    • An accelerated high school curricula and collegiate-level options offering credit towards the completion of the Michigan Merit Curriculum through a combination of traditional and non-traditional instructional techniques and dual enrollment/dual credit opportunities.
    • Various work-study/internship/co-op/service learning experiences.
    • Supplemental learning opportunities such as mentoring, tutoring, and field trips.
    • A calendar and schedules that support year-round opportunities to accelerate high school completion and career preparation.