• Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Carman-Ainsworth — Baker Career Academy


    1. Where is the Carman-Ainsworth — Baker Career Academy located?

    The Career Academy is located at 1122 W. Bristol Road, Flint MI 48507


    2. Will The Career Academy be part of the Baker College of Flint campus?

    Yes; we are located directly on the Baker College of Flint campus.


    3. What is the procedure for getting into the Academy?

    Complete the application form, which is available online or in the main office of the Academy, and turn in as instructed. Students must prepare a portfolio which includes (but is not limited to): Educational Development Plan (EDP) information, letters of recommendation, transcripts and behavior report. A personal interview is required and a pre-test may also be required. The Career Academy Principal will select students based on the above criteria.


    4. What is the desired student enrollment?

    Our enrollment is currently around 100 students. Ideally enrollment will grow to between 200 and 300 students.


    5. Do you get a high school diploma and which school awards it?

    Yes. Students will receive a high school diploma from Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools.


    6. When do classes start, what are the hours, and when are the breaks?

    Please view our annual school calendar at this link: printable school calendar link


    Full Day   7:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

    First Block 7:30 a.m. - 9:09 a.m.

    Second Block 9:13 a.m. - 10:53 a.m.

    Lunch 10:53 a.m. - 11:18 a.m.

    Third Block 11:23 a.m.  -1:02 p.m.

    Fourth Block 1:06 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.


    Half Day 7:30 - 11:45

    First Block 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

    Second Block 8:35 a.m. - 9:35 a.m.

    Third Block 9:40 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.

    Fourth Block 10:45 a.m. -11:45 a.m.


    7. How does the schedule work, especially for a Senior?

    It will depend on the students' assessments, current status in terms of graduation requirements, college studies desired, and work experience options available.


    8. In which areas can I earn a free Associate's Degree?

    Currently we offer free Associate's Degrees in Criminal Justice, Computer Programming, Business Administration, Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) Machining, and Photonics/Laser Technology.


    9. How much time will be spent on my specific career?

    The amount of time and the specific courses/programs, career focus, and work experience options will be determined based on students' prior academic records, their area of interest, graduation requirements, and the College's requirements. Courses available at The Career Academy and/or Baker College of Flint will be a combination of high school classes, dual enrollment/dual credit options through Baker College of Flint.


    10. Can you earn an Associate's degree or a Certificate?

    Yes. The actual amount of college credit that students receive will depend on when students start, whether or not they are current in their high school requirements, whether or not they require pre-requisite college courses in their career path studies, and whether they successfully accomplish the college course/program requirements.

    The Career Academy personnel and Baker College of Flint staff will counsel each student and help them prepare their High School/College plan of study once they are accepted in The Career Academy. Each student will have a program of study customized to meet the individual student’s circumstances (specific courses/programs and work experience requirements as well as the student’s prior academic records, their career interests, the high school and college requirements).
    Students who enroll in the early college program will complete their Associate's Degree in the 13th year.


    11. How do the credits I have from my home school work toward graduation requirements?

    Students' transcripts will be evaluated at the time of acceptance. An individual, customized plan of study will be developed for all students that will meet Michigan's, The Career Academy's and the College's requirements.


    12. If The Career Academy does not offer a class I want, can I take it back at my home school?

    No. The Career Academy becomes your home school. It is expected that between The Career Academy offerings and those at Baker College of Flint - most students' needs will be met. Students can discuss their needs more fully when their individual program of study is established once they have been accepted as The Career Academy students. All Michigan, The Career Academy and Baker College requirements must be met as appropriate for the studies taken.


    13. Can we drive our own vehicles and where to we park?

    Yes. Licensed drivers may drive their own vehicles to school and work. There will be limited transportation provided by Carman-Ainsworth.  In addition, Carman-Ainsworth will split the cost of MTA bus passes for all students.
    Parking will be available on the Baker College of Flint Campus in areas designated for The Career Academy students. Students who will be driving their own cars will be required to get the appropriate parking stickers from The Career Academy.


    14. What is the lunch policy?

    All Carman-Ainsworth students at this present time receive free lunch or bring their lunch to eat at The Career Academy.  


    15. Is it an open campus?

    No. It is a closed campus. Students are not to leave the Baker College of Flint/The Career Academy Campus without gaining permission.


    16. If I had a discipline problem in the past, can I still apply to The Career Academy?

    Past discipline problems do not necessarily make a student ineligible. Students should complete the application and the application process. It is true that certain college programs do require criminal background checks and/or may have different standards that must be met.


    17. What are the attendance requirements?

    Attendance is expected to be exemplary. The Career Academy is dedicated to helping students meet employer expectations. There is a career preparation focus in every sense and that includes expecting students to demonstrate an excellent work ethic in all classes and in the work experience options.
    Some career specific classes have “zero absences permitted” policies. Students will be advised of that prior to the beginning of their course/program. 


    18. What out-of-pocket expenses can we expect?

    The State of Michigan funds high school education. Students have no direct costs/expenses related to courses or programs while they are in high school. Costs like lunch, gas, incidentals and/or clothing are the student's responsibility.
    Following high school graduation, the College will work with students to determine financial aid options for the balance of their studies.


    19. Are books, materials, and testing fees provided?

    While students are in high school, books, materials and testing fees are covered.  Books and materials required for college class will be covered as long as a student is enrolled in The Career Academy.


    20. Who assists with my internship or other work experience options?

    The Career Service Department at Baker College of Flint, working with the Principal and faculty at The Career Academy will facilitate work experience options for students throughout their high school and college experience.


    21. What Baker College of Flint campus services are available to me?

    Students will have access to Baker’s individual and group tutoring, counseling and academic advising services, learning support services, library resources, food services, career services, Health and Fitness Center, 24-7 campus safety, parking and the latest classroom technology and modern laboratories.


    22. Can I participate in extracurricular activities? Will my schedule allow for that?

    Students will be allowed to participate in Carman-Ainsworth extracurricular activities, provided they are academically and behaviorally eligible. Additional activities may be added by The Career Academy, in which students would be eligible to participate as well.


    23. What clubs or student activities will be available to me?

    The Career Academy students will have a real leadership opportunity to help develop student clubs of interest to students. They will also have access to the Health and Fitness Center at the College – for a variety of intramural possibilities and/or fitness options. In addition, each grade has a class sponsor and class officers that work together to develop activities for the class and the school as a whole.  


    24. Where do I find out more information?

    Information can be obtained from the Admissions Office at Baker College of Flint 810-766-4000 or the Main Office at Carman-Ainsworth - Baker Career Academy 810-766-2236.