• Printable Treatment Procedures Sheet

    Printable Employee Accident Form


    Employee Injury & Accident Information:

    How do you tell if it is an emergency or not? Listed below are a few indications of an emergency (this list is not all-inclusive):

    • Amputation
    • Breathing difficulty, with change in skin color
    • Broken bones which protrude through the skin
    • Burns over large areas of the body, or in which patient appears to be in SHOCK (cold skin, weak pulse, confusion, anxiety, tremor, dizziness)
    • Caustic solution injury
    • Chest pain not related to specific trauma
    • Heat-related illness
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Eye injuries with visual distortion or visible blood in eye

    Who should I call in case of accident or injury on the job?

    If it is not an emergency situation, first contact the main office in your building. They will have you fill out the required Employee Accident Investigation Report and will make contact with Kelly Dekoski at 591-8241 (if Kelly is unavailable then Bonnie Crist 591-3212). 

    Kelly will send over the Authorization for Medical Services for treatment with Hurley Occupational Health Services.

    Remember that, by law, treatment must begin with our worker compensation health care provider.  Seeking medical services from your own physician or provider may cause you to be responsible for payment of same.


    Hurley has 4 Locations:

    Hurley Urgent Care – 1 Hurley Plaza, Flint, MI

    Grand Blanc Urgent Care – 5494 S. Dort Hwy

    Clio Urgent Care – 4272 W. Vienna Point Plaza

    Lapeer Urgent Care – 1794 N. Lapeer Road, Suite D

    Where to go in case of an emergency or after hours:

    Hurley Urgent Care, 1 Hurley Plaza, Flint, MI 48503, 810-262-6744