January 31, 2020        


    Dear Parents and Community Members:

    We are pleased to present you with the Annual Education Report (AER) which provides key information on the 2018-2019 educational progress for Carman-Ainsworth High School. The AER addresses the complex reporting information required by federal and state laws. The school’s report contains information about student assessment, accountability, and teacher quality. If you have any questions about the AER, please contact Charles LaClear for assistance.

    The AER is available for you to review electronically by visiting the following web site http://bit.ly/2ut0FTx, or you may review a copy in the main office of Carman-Ainsworth High School.

    For the 2018-19 school year, schools were identified using definitions and labels as required in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). A Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) school is one that has at least one underperforming student subgroup. An Additional Targeted Support (ATS) school is one that has three or more underperforming student subgroups. A Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) school is one whose performance is in the lowest 5% of all schools in the state or has a graduation rate at or below 67%. Some schools are not identified with any of these labels. In these cases, no label is given. We are proud to report that Carman-Ainsworth High School has not been given a label.

    Carman-Ainsworth High School has always taken academics very seriously. Over the past decade, like many schools throughout the state, we have experienced hardships due to decreasing enrollment brought on by difficult economic conditions in Genesee County and around the state. After looking at state performance data, it is clear that Carman-Ainsworth High is on the rebound.  Over, the last four years we have experienced increases in the percentage of students who are proficient in all subject areas. In 2018-2019 ELA 9 teachers began using project-based ELA to increase interest and to motivate all of our students in an attempt to reach all ELA learners. Our female students are still underachieving when compared to females around the state, but unlike in 2017-2018, they are achieving at a higher rate than females in similar schools. Math continues to be an area where we struggle, we remain 16% behind the state average in proficiency. We have multiple subgroups that lag, with female students making up an alarming 16% (an improvement from 2017-2018) and students of two or more races 16% behind the state average.  We have been making steady increases in math by focusing on Algebra I support structures, making sure that struggling students received support as early as possible. We continue on a four trend increasing the percentage of student who are College and Career ready.  

    Carman-Ainsworth High School is the only traditional high school within the Carman Ainsworth Community Schools. Students within our district boundaries do not need to apply or be selected to attend Carman-Ainsworth High School. We do participate in the district’s School of Choice program and all policies of the State School Aid Act are followed.

    AdvancED remains the continuous school improvement system of Carman Ainsworth Community Schools. AdvancED provides a comprehensive and independent review of our high school every five years. It reveals strengths and weaknesses using measureable data, gives us independent analysis of classroom instruction, evaluates learning environments, and ensures that we as an institution are constantly focusing on school improvement and increasing student achievement.  Last April we completed our five (5) year review and have been busy instituting AdvnaceEd’s recommendations.

    Our core curriculum can be accessed at https://www.michigan.gov/documents/hs_research_doc_149897_7.pdf. This state website contains the content standards of all core curriculum.  We offer many electives at Carman-Ainsworth High School, teachers follow the curriculum of the state and/or national organization that oversees their disciplines. Curricula for courses not listed can be received by contacting Charles LaClear at Carman-Ainsworth High School. 

    Parent involvement and input is something that we value and continually look to increase. Students benefit when parents/guardians are actively involved in the educational process. Carman-Ainsworth provides parents and students with 24 hour access to grades, notes, and comments regarding student achievement, attendance, and performance via ParentVue and StudentVue.  Many parents and students find this extremely helpful to check on student progress and use it as opportunity to reach out to teachers. We offer two formal Parent-Teacher Conferences per year, one per semester. The last four conferences we have averaged an attendance rate of 30%. This obviously does not take into account the numerous communications prompted by ParentVue, but we are constantly looking for ways to increase face- to-face conversations between parents and teachers.

    Dual enrollment (DE) opportunities abound at Carman-Ainsworth High School. Over the past three years, 203 students enrolled in postsecondary courses. In total, 2209 college credits were earned by Carman-Ainsworth High School students between 2016-2017 and 2018-2019.

    During that same time period another 390 students took advantage of the six (6) college equivalent courses taught by our own highly qualified teachers. We proudly offer Advanced Placement courses in Language, Calculus, United States History, World History, Psychology, and we alternate Biology and Chemistry every other year. In fact, during testing years 2017-2019, one hundred seventy-three Carman-Ainsworth students took 228 Advanced Placement tests, earning college credit on 78 of those tests (equivalent to 234 credits). 

    The faculty and staff of Carman-Ainsworth High School are very proud of the progress we have made. Our students are bright, resilient, and are prepared for challenges after high school. We remain committed to constant improvement. We regularly assess our policies and procedures to ensure that they are best serving our students, and we are continuously searching for best practices to reach our students.




    Charles LaClear

    Principal, Carman-Ainsworth High School