• Mrs. Tennis

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    August 31, 2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

    Welcome back! We are extremely excited to begin the school year and start making music again. We will be playing instruments and making music. In the coming week we will communicate with you a plan that will include information about school-owned instrument pick-up, instrument supply needs and music pick-up.

    For the next week we will be participating in activities found on Google Classroom. After you log into Google Classroom you should receive an “invite” to join our class. Please join your assigned class. If you did not receive an invite you will find the codes listed below.

    Course: 8th Grade Band     Class Code: mnaidgk

    Course: 7th Grade Band     Class Code: sicg4yuing4u

    Course: 6th Grade Band 4th hour Class Code: dp2jgym

    Course: 6th Grade Band 5th hour Class Code: helzx2b 

    Course: 6th Grade Orchestra 5th Hour   Class Code: y3mkztu

    Course: 6th Grade Orchestra 6th Hour Class Code: txhwhlq

    Course: 7/8th Grade Orchestra Class Code: 7i2swuz

    Your first Zoom meeting will be on Tuesday, September 8 during your assigned class time. Zoom meetings are a requirement of our class. You must attend the assigned Zoom meetings (2 of them) each week. Please look for the link on the feed for your Google Classroom or they are  listed below. If you do not know how to navigate Zoom please ask another student or contact your teacher. If you are using a school laptop top you must use the app found on the bottom toolbar.

    Mrs. Kenworthy’s Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 845 9681 3810

    Passcode: 9Wh873

    Mrs. Tennis’s Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 864 3714 2748

    Passcode: 1AMrN6

    We are asking that all students and/or parents/guardians be enrolled in REMIND. We will communicate major announcements with families via REMIND. Please use the codes below to sign up for the appropriate class. Please take a second look to ensure you are signing up for the correct class.

    Course: 8th Grade Band     Class Code   @cams8band

    Course: 7th Grade Band     Class Code   @cams7band

    Course: 6th Grade Band Class Code   @cams6band

    Course: 6th Grade Orchestra     Class Code   @cams6strin

    Course: 7/8th Grade Orchestra Class Code   @cams7-8str

    Students will also be using CHARMS Office to submit practice journals and playing tests. It will be extremely important to have accurate email addresses for parents and students. Your student will be learning/reviewing this platform during one of our initial meetings. 

    Throughout the school year you will most likely speak to both Mrs. Tennis and Mrs. Kenworthy. Please understand that we work closely together and will respond and post assignments for all classes; even if you have Mrs. Tennis for a teacher Mrs. Kenworthy may answer questions, respond to questions or post assignments in Google Classroom. Mrs. Tennis will also help with Mrs. Kenworthy’s students. 

    This year we would also like to welcome our student teacher Mr. Warren Lissner. Mr. Lissner is an education student at the University of Michigan-Flint. He will be spending the fall semester with us, both online and when we return to face-to face instruction. He will introduce himself during the first week of school. 

    As always please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We are very excited to see your student. We look forward to making great music this year. (Remember, we are playing instruments this year!)  Please be patient with us as we get used to the “new normal.” We both have school-aged children and understand the stresses and uncertainty that you might feel. However, we are so very thankful for you and your student and look forward to an amazing school year.

    Mrs. Milissa Kenworthy                                                             Mrs. Amy Tennis

    810-591-6235                                                                         810-591-6236

    mkenwort@carmanainsworth.org                                              atennis@carmanainsworth.org

    1st Hour- 7th Grade Band                                                        1st, 2nd, 3rd Hour- Elementary Band

    2nd Hour- 7th/8th Orchestra                                                    4th Hour- 6th Grade Band

    3rd & 4th Hours- Elementary Orchestra                                     5th Hour- 6th Grade Band

    5th Hour- 6th Grade Orchestra                                                 6th Hour- 8th Grade Band 

    6th Hour- 6th Grade Orchestra