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As the website grows, this channel will contain information for students of all grade levels. It is not intended to be all inclusive.  Students may also find information of particular interest within the web site of each individual school.
Activities - creating/ connecting your life, past, present and future

Encyclopedia - encyclopedia - Wikipedia
Facts - interesting facts
Games, Brain - brain teasers/ games
Graphic Organizers (helps analyze and process information)
Job Outlook - U.S. Dept. Labor/ Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook
Journals, Scholarly/Science/Search - full text scientific/ scholarly journals - scientific knowledge - repository of peer-reviewed journals - free archive life sciences journals - simple way to search for scholarly literature
Libraries - Internet Public Library - Genesee District Library - Library of Congress
Click one of the following for Interactive Math Activities:
Printable worksheets:  - Real Estate, Math, and Financial Literacy Lesson Plans
Music - Collection of Childrens' Music
Technology  - the various Applications of Robots  - Leg and Motion Control Design Principles  - Automotive Design Principles for Future Engineers & Robotics Teams  - Flow Rigs for Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer  - Karakuri and the Concept of Sociable Robots  - How to Build a Robot from Scratch