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    Mrs. Nichols
    4th Grade Teacher
    Room 208
    Hello and welcome to my web site. Thanks for your patience as this site develops.

    Authors/Holidays/ Reading

    • Illuminate- This is a link to a site we use during standardized tests.
      Accelerated Reader App Click here to take AR tests from the comfort of your parents phone.
    • Book Flix This is a cool site that really engages the reader. The bookflix selection is excellent for any fourth grade class.
    • 1988 Yellowstone Fire - We are exploring nature as a friend or foe in fourth grade. This is a link to an interactive site found by a fourth grade student named Mariah.
    • Kevin Kammeraad -This is a link to the author of the Tomato Collection web site. He visited Rankin 11-27-07.
    • Johnathan Rand - Read part of a Chiller or check out our school visit at Mr. Rand's American Chillers Home Page. You can also see pictures from when Johnathan Rand visited Carman Park, October 5th, 2004 (look under Authors Journal).


    • Everyday Math quick Link
    • This is a link to the EDM log in page.- CA elementary students have an account with Everyday Math online. There are many educational resources at the site including interactive games.
    • Area and Perimeter ~ This link we use as a class to help us understand how to find area and perimeter.
    • Global Competition - arcademicskillbuilders.com is a neat site which allows students to compete with other students around the world in many different academic ways. Keep in mind we never give out personal information online. This site is a fun way to keep your times tables fresh in your head. You can actually play this game on your Nintendo Wii.
    • www.multiplication.com - This is an awesome website that really makes learning your times tables a blast. They have flash cards and plenty of cool games for all levels of mathematicians.
    • Math Baseball This site is one of my favorite sites for practicing your math facts.
    • Online Math Dictionary - This is a really cool online math dictionary that incorporates an interactive media tools. For instance you can not only look up the word abacus you can use an online version of an abacus.

    • Interactive Math - This site has all kinds of manipulates for kids of all ages.

    • Washington DC - A virtual tour of the US Capital.

    • Eqypt - This is the web site recommended by our Everyday Math Book.

    • MATH RELIEF This site is one of the best math sites I have seen in a few years. This site can help your son or daughter with their math homework from k-7. It was also amazing how many students already know how to use this site.

    • Math games from the UK - This site has a host fun games. Keep in mind this site is located in the UK so some of the terms are different.

    • I love the resources of this site- This site contains videos, lessons, and games for fourth graders. This site works as a great resource for understanding study island concepts. It sorts games by math concepts covered.
    • Math Resource- This is a cool website for teachers and students with a variety of cool activities.
    • Cool Curriculum Math - This is a neat site that helps students understand math by standard.
    • Standard Conversion- this game helps students understand the measurement system.
    • Conversion this game also helps students understand the measurement system.