• Your regular attendance at parent/teacher conferences is extremely important to the educational success of your child.  Below are some tips for effective conferences:

    Parent Tips For Effective Parent/Teacher Conferences


    Some Things to Keep in Mind

    Parent/teacher conferences are an excellent opportunity to gauge your child’s academic progress and create an ongoing dialogue with your child’s teacher.

    Getting Ready:

    • Ask your child if there are topics he/she would like discussed with his/her teacher.
    • Write notes to yourself about your child’s personality, learning difficulties and study habits – aspects that you feel the teacher should know. Take these notes with you to the meeting.


    Helpful Questions to Ask at the Meeting:

    • What is your classroom homework policy? Is homework graded?
    • What are the skills that you expect my child to master this year?
    • Is my child working up to his/her ability?
    • How do you accommodate for learning styles?
    • How can I stay involved in my child’s learning?

    During the Conference:

    • Be respectful of the teacher’s time and arrive promptly.
    • Begin the conversation on a positive note.
    • Discuss your notes concerning your child’s learning habits.
    • Ask your most important questions first – in case time runs out.
    • Listen to the teacher’s comments and be open to feedback and suggestions.
    • Ask the teacher for specific suggestions on ways to help your child reach his/her potential. This is the most important part of the meeting. If the teacher says something that you don’t understand, ask for clarification. Don’t be shy.
    • Take notes so you can discuss the meeting with your child.
    • End the meeting by reiterating the actions that will be taken by the teacher or you.
    • If needed, schedule a time to meet again.

    After the Conference:

    • Develop an action plan, then work with your child to implement it. Be sure to make learning fun.
    • Stay in contact with the teacher and continue to discuss your child’s progress.