for the Carman-Ainsworth Education Foundation
    a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
    The Carman-Ainsworth Education Foundation recently helped fund 33 college courses in the Dual Enrollment Educational Programming (DEEP) program so that high school students (and their families) could benefit from taking these courses while in high school . Families are appreciative of the financial savings and the fact that their student has the opportunity to formally begin their college program while at living at home and still attending high school.
    Read what our student scholarship recipients are saying...
    "I didn't think I could do a college class, but now I know I can."
    "Noah" said, "The DEEP Program was a perfect opportunity to allow me the ability to experience some hands on experience both in the field and in the classroom. The program heightened by knowledge in science and allowed me to understand my passion for Chemistry and Biology."
     "William" said, "I learned so much from the course, and it has changed the way that I have approached my other learning experiences since then. For this, I am forever grateful."
    "Victoria" said, "Thank you for supporting me in my desires to further my education!"