• Welcome to Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools!

    Welcome to your new school district! We're glad you are here. The process of moving to a new school can be filled with questions, anxiety, and excitement. We hope the information contained in these pages and throughout our site will help make this transition a smooth one. Feel free to contact the following buildings for answers to common questions and assistance with enrolling your child in school. :
    Dillon Elementary, K-3 810-591-3590
    Dye Elementary, K-5 810-591-3229
    Randels Elementary, K-5 810-591-3250
    Rankin Elementary, K-5 810-591-4605
    6-8th Grades 810-591-3500
    9-12th Grades 810-591-3240
    Pre-Kindergarten Programs 810-591-3600
    District Registrar, K-12th
    Atlantis Alternative