Dillon Elementary prides itself on having the best quality education we can with programs, teaching staff, after school activities and clubs.  We like having the community involved and love it when they come and read with our kids. For a more detailed list of POINTS OF PRIDE please click the link below! 

    State of the Art Facility

    ·      New Media Center

    ·      Computer lab

    ·      Equipped with high levels of technology to support all aspects of our educational program: 

                o   Building WiFi

                o   Interactive whiteboards

                o   Media Carts

                o   Computers

                o   I-Pads

     Quality Curriculum

    ·      Highly qualified teachers

    ·      Active steering committees direct school improvement

    ·      Weekly staff meetings and intensive annual training to continually upgrade instruction around core subjects

    ·      Common assessments developed by the school in all core academic areas

    ·      H.A.L. (Highly Able Learners) program

    ·      Art, Music & Science Enrichment

    Community Outreach Programs and Events

    ·      Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

    ·      Bristol Road Church of Christ

    ·      Flint Central Church of the Nazarene

    ·      Bristolwood Community of Christ Church

    ·      Flint Senior Center

    ·      Foster Grandparent Program

    ·      McTeacher Nights

    ·      The Burton Fire and Police Department

    ·      The Old Newsboys of Flint

    ·      Verizon

    ·      Knights of Columbus

    ·      District Community Winterfest

    ·      Diverse student population

    Opportunities for Parent and Family Involvement

    ·      Parent Club    

    ·      Latchkey offered before and after school

    ·      P.A.L.S. offered before school on Wednesdays free of charge     

    ·      Open House

    ·      Math Night

    ·      Cookies & Cocoa Night

    ·      English Language Arts Night

    ·      Dillon R.O.C.K.S. Family Fun Night

    Academic Intervention

    ·      Title I Tutors, including certified teachers, assist students during class in whole group, small group, and one-on-one settings

    ·      Daily interventions focusing specifically on building reading fluency for struggling students

    ·      Daily interventions focusing specifically on building math skills for struggling students

    ·      STAR and Successmaker computer programs to assess and build math, reading and comprehension skills

    Student Opportunities in Fine Arts and Technology

    ·      Computer Lab

    ·      Team Green

    ·      Me to We

    ·      Student Council

    ·      Student Newspaper

    ·      Junior Great Books Club

    ·     Annual music program

    Full Description of our Points of Pride