• Michigan Criteria for Determining the Existence of a Learning Disability as of September 1, 2010

    This notice is designed to comply with the current State of Michigan requirement that each local school district publish its procedure for determining whether a student has, or continues to have, a specific learning disability (SLD).

    Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools will use a Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses for the determination of a Specific Learning Disability for all buildings and all grades in the district.  This process involves the collection of data to determine the following:

    1.     The student does not achieve adequately for the student’s age or to meet State-approved grade level standards in one or more of the areas identified at 34 CFR §300.309(a)(1)(i) when provided with learning experiences and instruction appropriate for the student’s age or State-approved grade-level standards; and

    2.     The student exhibits a pattern of strengths and weaknesses in performance, achievement, or both, relative to age, State-approved grade-level standards, or intellectual development, that is determined by the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MET) to be relevant to the identification of a Specific Learning Disability, using appropriate assessments, consistent with the IDEA Evaluation Procedures and Additional Requirements for Evaluations and Reevaluations.












    Source:  Michigan Department of Education Office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services (2010).  Michigan criteria for determining the existence of a Specific Learning Disability.