Kindergarten News

Randels Elementary

Mrs. Brenda Miceli

6022 Brobeck, Flint



September 9, 2019

It was a great beginning to what I believe will be a GREAT year!  Thank you for all the school supplies that were sent in last week.  Your generosity is deeply appreciated.  During the next two weeks, the tutors at Randels will be assessing all kindergartners on letter identification, (both capital and lowercase) letter sounds and concepts about print (what they know about books).  I will continue to assess the children this week on their reading level.  I have already assessed the class on their sight word recognition.  Flashcards are in their homework folder.


Here is how I run snacks.  I do not have a schedule. I do expect each family to send in a snack each month. (I know what you are thinking…I will have extra snacks. Then on some days we will have two snacks. I have done it this way for years and it always works out. J)  A box of cereal will feed the entire class. (I have a scoop and can serve it quickly.)  Ours snacks must be peanut free. Snacks can be individually wrapped or in zip lock baggies.  Send enough snacks for 28 children. I DO NOT HAVE SPOONS, FORKS, PLATES…therefore send these in if they are required for your snack. 


Mystery Sack Show and Tell - Today, I put a lunch sack in your child’s homework folder. Please help your child find an object that begins with the letter “Mm.”  The object must fit into the sack.  Practice with your child two clues that they can give to enable the class to guess the object.  Since this is a mystery, encourage your child not to tell what their object is. Only one item should be in the sack.  Have your child write their name on the sack.  


Please send in empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls.  Ask your friends and families to help.  There is no such thing as too many.  We will be collecting the rolls through the beginning of October. 


I have placed a book order in the homework folder.  Scholastic Book Clubs are an excellent way to build a library for your children.  I will take orders through Friday, September 20.  I accept cash or checks payable to Scholastic Book Club.  Please include money and order in an envelope with your child’s name.  I have included the September $1 choices at the bottom of the newsletter.  If you would like just the $1.00 books circle the books you would like. Sign and return with the payment. If you prefer, you can order online at   My class code is DYDYQ


This week at a glance:

Language Arts:  We will work on letter sounds and formation; beginning sounds; recognizing our names and the words the, I, can, see, my and red.  My goal for this week is to read five minutes independently.  Writer’s Workshop will begin this week. 

Math: We will work on number formation for the numbers 0-5. We will begin making sets of a given number. We are counting to 20 by ones. I introduced skip counting last week (counting by 2’s).  We are reviewing the following shapes: circle, triangle, square and rectangle.  I have introduced the 3-D shape, sphere, to the class.  We are naming all the things a sphere can be…a ball, a planet, a bead, a bowling ball, a grape.  Vocabulary words: vertices, sides, corners, position words.

Social Studies:  We will continue to work on classroom expectations.  We will write our classroom constitution and have everyone sign it.  I will continue to put much emphasis on estabilishing the routines and rules of the classroom. 








Mystery Sack Show and Tell for the letter “M

Picture DAY in the a.m.

Kindergarten gets their pictures taken first.

Fire Drill


Randels sells popcorn every Friday.  The cost is .50


One Dollar Book Order (Please include your money with your order.)

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