Kindergarten News

Randels Elementary

Mrs. Brenda Miceli

6022 Brobeck, Flint



September 30, 2019

In honor of

In honor of the “fall” season, please find something that begins with the letter ”F” to put in the Mystery Sack.  Practice 2 clues that describe the object.  Return the sack tomorrow.  


Here is what’s happening this week…

Math- We will continue to work on shape recognition, simple and more complex patterns, number order, skip counting by 2, 5, 10's, writing, building and recognizing numbers.  We continue to practice subtraction.  Please send in one “green” leaf sometime this week.  We will use it to discuss symmetry.   We will no longer need toilet or paper towel rolls after Wednesday. 


Reading- I have introduced all the words that your child will be tested on this marking period.  I will spend the remainder of this month exposing the children to them.  Keep studying the flashcards I sent home. It makes all the difference.  If you would like to take it up a notch, have your child practice writing the words on paper.  Together, we can have successful learners.  You will find a “fluency practice” reading worksheet in the homework folder.  Please practice reading these sentences with your child everyday.  Thank you for your continual support. 


Writing-We are working on how to think of a small moment (something that we do or has happened to us).  We will draw/sketch our small moment.  Then we stretch words to hear beginning and ending sounds.  Finally, we record on paper what we hear.  We try to write everyday. Please discuss with your child things they can write about.


Many children checked out their first library book last week.  Our assigned library time is on Thursday.  Please return the book inside the bag.  Your child’s library card is taped to the bag.  Replacement bags are $1.00. 


Fundraiser orders are due on Friday.







Mystery Sack "F" F


Library check out.


Skeleton Building


Popcorn .50



Thought for the week:  Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb – that’s where the fruit is. J