Kindergarten News

Randels Elementary

Mrs. Brenda Miceli

6022 Brobeck, Flint



September 16, 2019

Activities that need your help this week:

              Tuesday-Mystery sack show and tell for the letter S.I am sending a lunch sack home today. Find ONE thing that begins with the letter S and fits into the sack. Practice at home with your child two clues that they can give to enable the class to guess the object. Since this is a mystery, encourage your child not to tell what their object is.(PLEASE LET YOUR CHILD WRITE THEIR NAME ON THE SACK.)

              Wednesday-Wear a shirt with stripes to school.We will discuss patterns and color a shirt to match the patterns on the shirt we are wearing.


Other Activities:

Math:†††††††††††††††† Introduce skip counting by 2s and 5s; recognize patterns in our world; continue to practice writing the numbers 0-10; count objects to make sets through 10; number order 1-14; number recognition 1-20 and subtraction.

Language:††††††††††† Spell our sight words using alphabet manipulatives.We will also build sentences.Our class is learning that what we think we can say, what we say we can write, and what we write we can read.†† We will write down the sounds we hear at the beginning of words.You can practice this at home. During Readerís Workshop, we will talk about our favorite books.Please allow your child to bring in their favorite book to share with the class one day this week. Donít forget to write their name inside the book. (Everything that comes to school should have your childís name on it.)


Social Studies:††† We continue to complete activities in our ďAll About MeĒ unit. I will continue to reinforce school rules and classroom procedures.


Keep sending in the empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls.Next month, we will build skeletons with the toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I will need parent volunteers for that day.Please plan on arriving at 2:45. Please let me know if you can help. I am looking at Thursday, October 3.If you wish to volunteer in the classroom, you will need to fill out a background check form.The forms are available in the office or let me know and I will put one in your childís folder.


Book orders are due on Friday.

I sent home flashcards last week.I assess children every two weeks.Please do your part by practicing at home.








Mystery Sack 'Ss'


Wear a shirt with stripes.



Popcorn is for sale .50

Book Orders are due. $4.00 buys four very good books. Nothing to fill out just send in $4.00. J

Fire Drill

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