• Carman-Ainsworth Online Registration

    Registration is currently open for the 2023-2024 school year for Carman-Ainsworth residents.

    Online Registration is NOT used for data changes for CURRENTLY ENROLLED students. If you have an address, phone number, emergency contact, etc., that needs to be updated, you must contact your student’s building to make those changes. 





    If you have a student – or have ever had a student – enrolled in Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools, please access your current ParentVue account to register your new student.


    If you have never activated your ParentVue account, please call the appropriate building for assistance.

    • C-A High School: 810-591-3240
    • C-A Middle School: 810-591-3500
    • Administration (for all Elementary grades): 810-591-3206



    If you are enrolling a NEW student into Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools and have never had a student enrolled in Carman-Ainsworth Schools, you will need to create a ParentVue account using this link to begin the online registration process.


    *Currently-enrolled students do not need to be re-registered.


     OLR Registration Account Access



    1. Under the login space, click the "More Options" tab and then click“Create a New Account".
    2. It will step you through the process of setting up an account
    3. Once you have created your account, you will receive an email that will prompt you to create a password for your account.
    4. Use the username and password you created to login to Online Registration.
    5. Please note if you stop the enrollment process and log out, online registration saves the entered information. You can click “resume registration” or “start over.”
    6. Click on the "Online Registration" tab in the upper right corner.
    7. Once you have completed the registration process, the school building will be notified that you have completed your registration. If as a part of the online registration process, you have uploaded a valid (seal showing) birth certificate and current proof of residency your application will be put in a queue to be processed. If you opted not to upload the required documents, your application will be put on hold until you bring the documents to the enrolling building (Administration building for grades K-5).
    8. If you have multiple students to register, under the student tab of the online registration, you can click "Add New Student". 



     OLR Students to Enroll Screenshot








    Important Tips to help the online registration process go smoothly:

    • Gather the needed documents; when enrolling a student in the Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools, the following documents will need to be provided:
      • Student’s official birth certificate
      • Residency documents (three pieces required): current lease/mortgage document or property tax bill and two pieces of current, official mail such as utility, phone, cable or insurance bill, bank statement or DHHS paperwork. We will not accept mass mail, forwarded mail, voter registration or driver’s license for residency purposes.
      • Parent/Legal Guardian identification
      • Your student’s immunization record.  This must be up-to-date: indicating 4 DPT's - with one after 4th birthday, 2 MMR's, 3 Polio's - the last one after 4th birthday, 3 Hepatitis B's, 2 Varicella or history of chickenpox disease, and FOR CHILDREN 11 - 18 OR IN 6TH GRADE:  1 dose of Meningococcal (MCV4 or MPSV4) and a Tdap (if 5 years since last does of DTap, Td or DT)
      • Hearing and vision screening (for Kindergarten enrollments only)
      • Grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 shall bring a copy of their last report card
      • Grades 10, 11, and 12 shall bring a transcript from their previous high school
      • Check-out grades are required, along with the most recent report card (grades 6-9) or transcript (grades 10-12) at the secondary level, if you are enrolling during the school year.
      • Custody paperwork (protective custody documents if applicable)
    • If you plan to upload the documents - be sure to look at your scan or photo BEFORE uploading them. Be sure that the full document is visible.
    • If you are registering multiple children, you will only need to upload the driver's license (front and back) and the proof of residency documents one time. 
    • If you have questions about the process, please use these tip sheets to help you out.
    • If you live outside the Carman-Ainsworth Community School district, you must complete a Schools of Choice application BEFORE you start the registration process. Please contact Emily Aldridge at 810-591-3206 for information. Please note, even if you have other children who attend under the Schools of Choice program, all additional students must be individually approved before enrolling.